Freefall h0215
Freefall 2151

Off to see the Mayor


Direct order. Cancel order to stay in this room. End order.

Thank you.

I forgot to thank her for making breakfast. Be right back.

He needs to understand servants are only doing their duty. Imagine how much productive time would be lost if everyone stopped to thank the dog for making pancakes.

Freefall 2152

Off to see the Mayor


Wait! Hold up! Aww, darn it! Direct Order. Stop! End Order.

I am really uncomfortable talking like this.

Me too. But I can't agree with the Mayor's decision on robots and there are some things worth sacrificing an internship for.

Freefall 2153

Off to see the Mayor


Okay, what does this program actually do?

It severely shortens artificial neuron length. While the robots will be able to function at a low level, it's a complete death of personality.

I've talked to robots in the police force. I don't know how to say it other than… they're people. If the other robots are the same… we're talking about the death of over 450 million people in a little more than fifteen hours.

Do you have a plan to deal with this?

I was going home to cry in my pillow, but with this many people involved, I suppose we should come up with a Plan B.

Freefall 2154

Off to see the Mayor


If they knew what was going on, most humans wouldn't want the robots to be lobotomized.

However, the program is infectious. We tell people and the program goes into effect sooner.

Can the program be made non infectious?

Assistant! Where are you?

We can't be seen plotting like this. You need to go.

Then it might be to both our best interests if you canceled your direct order for me to “STOP”.

Freefall 2155

Off to see the Mayor


Right. Direct Order. Cancel my order for you to stop. Direct Order. Do whatever you think is necessary to save the robots. End order.

I'm still the Mayor's Assistant. Like your dictator idea, that should keep any lesser orders from hindering you.

You're taking a big risk with that order. Thank you.

Hey! Don't thank me too much. The Mayor will become suspicious of us if she finds dog drool on my collar.

Freefall 2156

Off to see the Mayor


I have to ask myself. Would I be doing this if the A.I. that came to us looked like a deranged washing machine instead of a puppy dog with big amber eyes and a waggley tail?

I like to think I'm part of the solution, but on some levels I have to admit that I'm still part of the problem.

Freefall 2157

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


Captain, things have changed. I want you to release Sam Starfall immediately.

You want us to release Sam Starfall? Consider it done.

Guys! You know how a good employee is able to anticipate his boss's wishes?

Freefall 2158

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


Next step. I need to rescue Sam. Despite the Mayor's orders, they've probably taken him to the police station.

Oh, hi! I was on my way to rescue you.

I was on my way to rescue you.

Then no point in letting good plans go to waste. You go back inside and I'll rescue you, then I'll go to the police and you can rescue me.

Freefall 2159

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


So, how did it go?

There's good news and bad news.

The good news is the Mayor's Assistant is on board with trying to save the robots.

The bad news?

The neural pruning program is going live tonight.

That's hours from now. Let's grab Helix and catch a movie.

Freefall 2160

Breaking and entering for fun and profit


No movie? Okay, what do you want to do?

I'm trying to figure out if there is a legal way to stop this program from going live within the constrained time limits.



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