Freefall 1451 - 1460
Freefall 1451

A stop with Qwerty

Do all robots here hurt themselves if they injure a human?
At the moment. That could change fast.
After a human lied to him, his buddy Dvorak figured out a way around it.
Beat on your old parts. Until they're turned in, they're still considered part of you.
Has this been tested?
No. In theory, it works. In practice, no one wants to be first to find out if intentionally bypassing a safeguard makes your head explode.

Wabot-1 считается первым полноразмерным антропоморфным роботом, создан в японском столичном университете Васэда в 1973

Freefall 1452


Don't tell me you're surprised. A true intelligence is always going to find a way around hardwired blocks.
I mean, look at you. I know you've figured out ways around your safeguards.
What makes you so sure?
Simple. You work closely with humans and yet you're still happy and sane.

T-1 Battlefield Robot из фильма Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines © 2003

Freefall 1453


It hit me when you were going up the stairs. You're female. You didn't roll off an assembly line. You were a puppy. You grew up and went to school.
An A.I. can't defend itself against a human. Which is fine, until you run into a jerk. If your safeguards worked, you would have never made it through high school, much less college.
Maybe I'm good at convincing people not to test my limits.
Nice try, but we both know there are people out there that the only warning sign they'll believe is actually getting bit.

Shakey – первый мобильный робот, способный сканировать окружение, находить предметы и ориентироваться среди них, действовал в Stanford Research Institute в 1966-1972
Пардон. Он понял что она девушка, когда они поднямались по лестнице? Эти 2 стрипа достойны избранного. :D
Я пофиксил (kerulen)

Freefall 1454


Sorry if I'm making you nervous. I just need to know if safeguards can slip so much that these robots could become a danger to humans.
Robots shall never be allowed to become a danger to humanity! If I even suspect a robot has slipped its safeguards, I shall crush it like an infected beer can!
Okay, now I'M nervous.
The only threat humans should have to face is other humans!

Pindar 2, вежливый гигантский робот из комикса A Miracle of Science, написанного Jon Kilgannon и нарисованного Mark Sachs

Freefall 1455


Working with robots the way you are, you should know. Under the right circumstances, a properly functioning A.I. with all safeguards intact can harm a human.
In situations where a single human is a clear and present danger to other humans, our designers wanted us to be able to act.
That doesn't sound too bad.
Until he figures out I could hurt him because he's breathing air that respiratory patients desperately need.

Robonaut создан Robot Systems Technology Branch для NASA в сотрудничестве с DARPA. Телеупроавляемый робот, сконструированный для выполнения работ в открытом космосе.

Freefall 1456


Myself, I don't like the A.I. safeguards. I think they're a mistake.
Abuses occur when there's an imbalance of power, and when I can order a robot to pull its own head off, there is a serious imbalance of power.
What's the point of making an artificial mind that can think like a human, then putting restrictions on it that would drive any human insane?
Planned obsolescence?

Dante II – второй робот, созданный NASA и Carnegie Mellon University для исследования активных вулканов и тестирования роботехнологий

Freefall 1457


Humans want robots with safeguards. Remember the story of Frankenstein? Colossus?
How about Saberhagen's Berserkers? Those easily could have been three law robots finding alien life.
Robots are too strong to operate without safeguards.
Economics rules. Most robots are cheap plastic and aluminum. I'm stronger than you are.
Hero of the Beach
We need safeguards because people don't trust us after A.I.'s were used as spammers.
Okay, there you've got me.

The Big Dog is a quadruped robot designed to carry loads. It's being developed by Boston Dynamics with help from Foster Miller, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the Harvard University Concord Field Station
Ну не, Пост не прав. Роботы, вооружённые огнестрельным оружием с системой автоматического наведения, сенсорами тепла и встроенными светочувствительными сенсорами, имеющие прямой контакт со спутниковой системой наблюдения, не будут особенно страдать из-за неметаллических корпусов, которые без брони всё равно слили бы любому огнестрелу (Жирафик Рафик)
Достаточно посмотреть “Я, Робот” по Азимову, где армада вполне пластиковых жестянок под командованием взбесившегося центрального компьютера без единого выстрела живо поставила людишек раком ради их же “пользы” (Robot Spike)

Freefall 1458


We lost Florence.
Really? I thought our conversation was fairly easy to follow.
Did you just make a dog whistle noise?
Noise? You insult me. That was Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy', as played on a dog whistle.

Ещё один проект NASA, Hopbot – первый из прыгающих роботов, дешёвый мобильный робот с очень простым способом перемещения
Хотя частоты собачьего свистка человеку неслышимы, с 1-2 метров засечь его нетрудно из-за упругого резонанса; а вообще чем меньше расстояние между ушами, тем более высокие звуки можно расслышать (у детей, например, диапазон намного шире, чем у взрослых, а слоны не различают писк мышей) – по этой же причине люди с компенсированным слухом на одно ухо могут услышать собачий свисток на гораздо больших расстояниях, чем вышеописанное (Robot Spike)
Робот, ты не совсем прав. Верхняя граница слуха определяется геометрией и структурой внутреннего уха, а не расстоянием между ушами. Или хотя бы приводи ссылку в подтверждение своего мнения. (KALDYH)

Freefall 1459


Why'd you stop?
I was thinking. Doctor Bowman knew he was creating artificial consciousness.
He must have known, or at least suspected, that given time, we would work our way around hard coded safeguards.
Maybe the safeguards are supposed to be like training wheels. Something to keep us acting properly until we're mature enough to act properly on our own.
If that's true, I know parents who'd want that reverse engineered and applied to their own kids.

Norby появилась в серии книг Janet Jeppson совместно с её мужем, Isaac Asimov

Freefall 1460


Our safeguards are temporary?
MAY be temporary. Until tested, it's only an idea.
What would keep robots in check?
I would imagine other robots.
Like a police force?
I hadn't thought that far ahead, but that would be preferable to the victim being chased through the swamp by a mob of robots wielding lightsticks and logic probes.

Robotman изначально был персонажем, попавшим в синдикат Синдикат из Англии в качестве игрушки. United решил игрушку раскрутить. К счастью для нас, художником, ответственным за проекст стал Jim Meddick, сделавший комикс чем-то горазддо бо́льшим. Robotman защищён © United Features Syndicate

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