Freefall 1181 - 1190
Freefall 1181



Then there's Sam. My captain. A land dwelling squid like alien in a mechanical armature.


My first loyalty has to be to humanity. My species won't survive without their consent. Though as my captain, Sam deserves my loyalty, too.

I could deal with a few humans being mad at him, but Sam seems intent on annoying humanity as a whole, and that creates a definite conflict of interest.

Freefall 1182



I'll be better able to order my thoughts after a good sleep. Then I need to write some letters. This is the last day the starship is accepting them.

Tomorrow, the Asimov will be on its way. If all goes well, it will be back with some answers in a little over a year.

I could send a message via the communication laser, but who wants light speed fast responses when it takes fifteen years to get a reply?


Отсюда следует, что “Азимов” – гиперпространственный корабль. Двигатель на 15 скоростей света – весьма неплохой скачок науки (Robot Spike)
Ну, дальше вроде говорилось, что он время замедляет. Что в целом даже ещё круче ^_^_^ (Жирафик Рафик)
А может 15 лет это туда и обратно? Тогда это в 7,5 раз быстрее света. Но да, всё равно круто (Варг)
Инженерный характер Фло не позволил бы сравнивать пути туда и туда-обратно, так что соотношение ~1:15 (Robot Spike)
Думаю всё просто: Фло явно ведь на Землю письмо хотела написать – 15 лет на посылку, но если с Азимовым послать письмо на станцию гиперпространственной связи (ведь туда она должна была попасть?) то оттуда письмо будет доставлено мгновенно (только вопрос, почему нельзя лазером на эту станцию письмо передать?)(Fogel)


Freefall 1183




If I was ever curious to know what a snoring squid might sound like, now I know.

Freefall 1184



Come on, Helix. You need to sleep and recharge.

I want to see the movie end.

It's playing on a continuous loop. You've seen the movie five times.

I want to see the movie end.

Speaking of continuous loops…

I want to see the movie end.

Freefall 1185



How the movie ends… Godzilla crushes Tokyo and lives happily ever after.

Godzilla crushed Tokyo? Drat! I was sure the giant butler did it!

Now time for you to sleep and recharge.

Okay. I got you a present when we were out.

So when you find an animal on your bed, it's from me.

Helix, few other words could fill me with such desire to immediately check my room.

В дешёвых детективах часто использовался приём “убийца – это дворецкий”

Freefall 1186



Well, better see what kind of animal Helix left for me.

Oh. It's a toy animal. A little stuffed unicorn.

I'd like to tell Helix I'm too old for gifts like this, but it would be hard to defend that position when I've been stealing his teddy bear every night.

Freefall 1187



Sam and Helix have been trying to make me welcome here. I need to try harder to fit in as well.

I suppose the first step is to find a common ground. Something we can all do together.




Freefall 1188



Zzz Snork!


How did she sneak in here? T've got the ears of a hawk! This is bad news.


The good news is that Florence is almost always up before me. If she's still asleep, it's still snoozing time.


Freefall 1189



It's getting light out. Did all our birds come back?

We're missing three.

Better than last time. They might be stuck someplace.

If they're mobile and the sun comes up, we may never find them.

Still think solar cells were a good idea?

Oh, definitely. With their own power supplies, they won't go carnivorous like the waffle irons did.

Freefall 1190



Florence was here earlier. She heard our birds and followed them out.

Did she like them?

Canines are known for their musical appreciation. She drooled on our prototype.

I should send her a copy of the grand river dig. The one we did with asteroid drops.

Ah, yes. Orbital bombardment in d Minor.

It's not often you get to play an entire planet as a percussion instrument.

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