Freefall 0891 - 0900
Freefall 0891

Yes, they're in space


Box one is open. Satellite is out and talking. Ship, fire aft thrusters for one half second.

Sam, would you like some micro gravity training before you get hurt?

Better say yes. Saying no only guarantees she'll hurt me, then train me.

Freefall 0892

Yes, they're in space


We have some time before the next satellite. Let's go to the main passageway where there's some room.

Let me get something from my dresser. It will make the ideas of action and reaction easier to grasp.

Here we go.

A ball. I should have known. Canines have been using those to train people for centuries.

Freefall 0893

Yes, they're in space


The first thing to learn is how to push off. You're not fighting gravity, so everything is very gentle. Too much force and you'll bounce off the wall where you want to stop.

So how hard do I push?

If you think you've pushed off, you pushed the right amount. If you KNOW you've pushed off, you pushed too hard.

Freefall 0894

Yes, they're in space


I think it says something about the air quality on this ship if a person can get stuck in it.

Freefall 0895

Yes, they're in space


Here's the ball. You want to throw it underhand, near your center of mass, in the direction opposite of where you want to go.

That was overhand, and much too hard.

Let's make this simple. You go invent artificial gravity, then I won't have to learn this stuff.

Freefall 0896

Yes, they're in space


You seem to be having trouble with this. Does your species normally throw things?

Ouch! No. When we get a hold of something, we try to keep it.

Humans do well with balls. They catch on and start playing and having fun in minutes. Ah, well. If one method of training doesn't work, try another.

Here we go.

I'm all too familiar with this type of training. The carrot has failed. Now it's time for the stick.

Freefall 0897

Yes, they're in space


With the stick, you'll be able to reach both the floor and the ceiling. You may find this makes it easier for you to get around.

I can walk! Now I get it!

He doesn't get it.

Freefall 0898

Yes, they're in space


Sam's moving, but not well. He is an alien. I need to watch and alter my training methods to suit him.

Satellite deployment in five minutes.

Then maybe I can inspire him to want to adapt to this new environment.

Man, I have got to learn how to move like that.

Freefall 0899

Yes, they're in space


Humans are basically giant swimming monkeys. They must move real well in this environment.

So I have to learn to move well. Otherwise, when introduced to people in microgravity, I'm going to feel embarrassed and inadequate.

If they're bouncing off the walls like Florence and I'm still using this stick, almost half the people I meet are going to be leaving with their wallets.

Freefall 0900

Yes, they're in space


Something's not right. The Ball is gone and I didn't see Florence take it. I'm a smart guy. I should be able to figure this out.

We're all moving at the same speed. In theory, every unsecured object should hold its place relative to the ship.

In practice, every unsecured object comes to rest against an air vent.

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