Freefall 0901 - 0910
Freefall 0901

Yes, they're in space


Sam, applying thrust in 60 seconds. Please secure yourself before then.

No problem. I've gotten better at maneuvering here. I'll reach my hand hold in plenty of time.

Freefall 0902

Yes, they're in space


Thrust in:

Florence makes her point in fewer words than anyone else I know.

Freefall 0903

Yes, they're in space


I guess I shouldn't have used your ear as a hand hold. Sorry.

Apology accepted.

You're moving around better. After this satellite checks out, you can help me change the air filters.

Work?! I said I was sorry. How much longer is she going to keep punishing me?!

Freefall 0904

Yes, they're in space


Helix, the captain and I need to change the air filters. Are you okay being in command here?

No problem.

We'll be in engineering. Call us if you see anything unusual.

I will.

Since this is my first time in orbit, just let me know what unusual is, and I'll call you the moment it happens.

Freefall 0905

Yes, they're in space


In flight, the control room needs to be manned at all times. If you need to leave, Sam or I have to be here. This is our ship's perimeter. If anything enters this zone, call us.

You can expect H.V.A.C. alarms as we change the filters. Any other alarms come in, call us. Your small screen is selected to engineering so you can watch us work.

This is such a waste of my talents. I am so much better at watching people work than Helix is.

H.V.A.C. – heating, ventilating and air-conditioning

Freefall 0906

Yes, they're in space


Didn't you put in new filters before we took off?

Yes, but this ship's been sitting open to a dirty environment for a long time.

With the launch vibration and microgravity, all our dust and grime went airborne. From there, it gets sucked into the ventilation and clogs up our filters.

So what you're saying is that as long as we go into space regularly, I don't have to worry about housekeeping.


Freefall 0907

Yes, they're in space


Your suit works by taking outside air and concentrating the oxygen up to the level where you can breathe.

With all this dust, we should change your filters as well as the ship's.

Uh, yeah. That would probably be a good idea.

Especially since I didn't even know this suit had filters.

Freefall 0908

Yes, they're in space


That's why Florence went feet first. We're moving towards a wall.

Luckily, I've become an expert at micro gravity maneuvering.

Now instead of just landing on my head, I'm able to do a 360 degree spin, then land on my head.

Freefall 0909

Yes, they're in space


Sam, you can change your facing without needing to push off something.

The principle is conservation of angular momentum. Rotate the stick, you rotate the other way. Stop the stick, you stop at your new heading.

That's a neat trick. As soon as we get into engineering, with all the buttons and levers and knobs all around, I'm going to practice spinning this stick.

Freefall 0910

Yes, they're in space


Sam, please don't spin your stick around the machinery.

There are a lot of things in here that can be hurt if they get hit with a stick.

You worry too much. What could get hurt with a stick in here?


Got it. Putting the stick away until we're done in engineering.

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