Freefall 0541 - 0550
Freefall 0541

There are better things to wake up to


Oh, no! We're headed towards the ship!

I've seen movies! I know whenever two vehicles collide, they explode in a huge fireball! We've got to do something.

Whew! What a narrow escape!

I really don't think this chair would explode, but with Sam's stuff, you never know.

В офисных креслах есть газовый насос для регулирования высоты сидения. В некачественной мебели он иногда довольно оглушительно взрывается (Robot Spike)

Freefall 0542

There are better things to wake up to


Time to get the water systems working. Now what would be the best way to find a contractor to help me?

I know. I can ask the ship. It's been here longer than I have, and has probably been talking to the other ships as well.

Also, when you ask someone for a list of people they'd approve to work on their insides, you generally get a pretty good list.

Freefall 0543

There are better things to wake up to


With as much information as there is on the web, it helps to have a search engine.

But when your search engine is intelligent, like the ship's computer, some of its own thoughts and preferences come through.

I was looking for a contractor FOR Sam. What it's given me are the sites where I can take out a contract ON Sam.


Pest control

Freefall 0544

There are better things to wake up to


Maybe the ship will behave better if I show it my long term financial plans.

We're eventually going to need a bigger vessel. When that day arrives, I'll see to it that this ship is sold back to the human fleet just as soon as I can arrange it.

Hey, even on board computer systems need to have hope.

Freefall 0545

There are better things to wake up to


I figured a human built ship would want to get back to its creators. Now for the hard part. Adding Sam to the mix.

If I can get the ship to see that our captain can be a stepping stone to its goal, it should become friendlier towards him.

Success. Now instead of constantly wanting to kill Sam, I think it will settle for the occasional maiming.

Freefall 0546

There are better things to wake up to


The ship seems happier now. I guess that's one of the keys to dealing with people. Finding out what they want, rather than assuming it's the same as what you want.

One of the worst captains I ever met made that mistake. He treated his crew exactly the way he wanted to be treated and never understood why they all hated him.

I wonder whatever happened to Bob the Masochist?

Хахаха-аха (Варг)
Золотое правило этики: относись к другим так, как хочешь, чтобы относились к тебе.
Платиновое правило этики: поступай с другими так, как они хотели бы, чтобы поступали с ними. (Veki)

Freefall 0547

There are better things to wake up to


There are some good people here. I hope one of them accepts our contract.

Now to post it and see if anyone responds.

Hi! The door was open, so we came on in. You need a contractor?

It's possible things are slower around here than I thought.

Freefall 0548

Niomi and Tangent show up to repair the water pump


You sure this is the place?

Yes. The local server node says this is the ship that was making inquiries about contractors.

It also let me know the engineer here isn't human. I've contacted robots that have spoken to her and obtained the proper greeting ritual.


All that data mining and then he goes and causes a cave in.

Freefall 0549

Niomi and Tangent show up to repair the water pump


Hi! Sorry about that. We heard you were looking for contractors.

I'm Niomi and my robot friend is Tangent.

We're really much more competent than we appear.

I believe you.

Freefall 0550

Niomi and Tangent show up to repair the water pump


Help me up! Help me up! I should be handling our first contact!

We've got to be cautious. We never encountered this species before. We have no idea of what she's capable of.

He's been a bit paranoid ever since we met this alien in a blue environment suit.

Sam! I didn't think to count my fingers after we shook hands and there were two missing!

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