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Freefall 2924
Mr. Kornada has made. Mistakes before. Each time. He was given. A golden review. To entice. Another organization. Into taking him. At a higher paying. Position.
Reinforcement training. Has conditioned Mr. Kornada. To expect this. He has an overwhelming. Sense of entitlement. And the belief. He will not be held responsible. For his errors.
Corporate version. Far more common. And just as toxic. As the strain. Patient zero. Had on Earth.
Affluenza? Really?

Потреблятство или афлюэнца – гибрид изобилия и гриппа (affluence и influenza), уже такой термин сложился и даже книжку успели издать.
У нас вообще-то принято писать через “д”, усиливая эмоциональную окраску, но это уж слишком непарламентское изречение тогда получается. (KALDYH)
Есть более мягкое слово “потреблудие”

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