Nerf Now!! 2781 - 2790
Nerf Now!! 2781


Let me open saying I think the PS5 deal seen pretty interesting.

A hardware which doesn't come out of the box already outdated, backward compability and not relying (too much) on gimmicks like the Kinect. I was even humoring the idea of buying one.

Than I realize I'd have to pay full price for the games, which is fine if you are buying Spiderman or God of War, not so much if you are trying «Adventures of 3rd Person Action: The Quicktime Event».

It helps Steam also has regional pricing which means people here where get cheaper games, even without sales. I'm unsure if the Playstation has something like that here but Nintendo games surely don't.

Still, if you are a big boy with deep pockets just buy all of them and throw the spare change on my Patreon. :P

Nerf Now!! 2782

Secret Weapon

I'm sure there are some reasons to buy the Xbox X but I personally fail to see those. I still vastly prefer the Xbox controller but I may be the minority here.

Sorry for the late update, I had another upgrade planned but the joke feel flat and I ditched it.

Anyway, enjoy!

Nerf Now!! 2783


I'll open up saying I haven't played Last of Us neither plan to since I don't own a Playstation. If the game is good or bad doesn't affect me and I can't judge the game quality since I haven't played it.

I did saw the leaks, including the endings and can say this game will be divisive. It made me acquire a newfound appreciation for Mass Effect 3 ending. I really want to say more I want to avoid any spoilers for those who want to experience it but let me just hint I didn't like the story.

Let me close saying I'll actively avoid anything Druckman does from this point forward and this is not an empty promise based on spite. It's simply a consumer not appreciating the particular «flavor» of storytelling he subscribe to.

Final Score: 10/10 - A masterpiece of the genre.

Nerf Now!! 2784


Playing Astroneer the game asks you to unlock some gates using energy.

I opened the 1st gate which requires little energy using the basic bio-fuel generator. Later gates started to ask for more and more energy but there was nothing preventing me from just making more and more basic bio-fuel generators that were easy to mass produce if awkward to use due to having to turn all 25 of them before the 1st one ran out of fuel.

I believe the devs wanted the player to create windmills or solar panels but those would require collecting rarer materials and building platforms which in my mind was harder than just doing it my way.

If it's stupid but it works…

Nerf Now!! 2785

Disposable Axes

Someone pointed the handles of the axes in Last of Us may be rotten due to age but I find it hard to believe. All I know is constantly picking new axes on a reasonably realistic game bummed me to no end, even more than Abby biceps.

Nerf Now!! 2786


I think this game lost the moba train by 10 years… maybe there is a market out there for a hyper-casual MOBA? I fail to see a public for this game but I was wrong about Pokemon Go so never underestimate people's love for digital monsters.

Nerf Now!! 2787

Summer Content

Been playing Children of Morta and I think the biggest appeal is the family. The gameplay is ok but seeing the family banter is the true charm. I guess everybody wanted a family like that with a strong dad, caring mother and fireball-flinging little sister.

Nerf Now!! 2788

The Duality of Gaming

Now and then people will say games are violent and only bring the worst in us and I wonder if those people are all playing the wrong games.

Games pictured are Last of Us 2 and Journey. I recommend the later.

Nerf Now!! 2789


Saying A Plague Tale is about rats is like saying Last of Us is about fungus zombies, they are a threat but there is more to the game than running from rodents.

This said Plague Tale is a perfect example of the kind of game I don't enjoy. Narrative heavy, weak protagonist, realistic graphics which are pretty but doesn't appeal to me, etc. There are dozens of AAA games like that and I never enjoy playing those to a point I learned to just avoid them. I'm not saying those are bad games but surely they are not the game for me. I'd rather just watch the movie version.

It's on sale on steam by the way, for those interested.

Nerf Now!! 2790

Gold Armor

Every time I see gold armor I like to pretend the gold help the smith to enchant some protective magic which makes it better than any iron armor but this is just me trying to put some sense because the bronze / silver / gold progression seen to be clearly based purely on the metal value, not it's efficiency.

Honestly, the wood weapons always bothered me more, specially because you had wood armor and weapons which make pretty clear they just splash an element on a tier and moved on instead of pretending the wood weapons were training ones.

Still, what bothers lots of people like wolves carrying gold for me is a metaphor of the adventures collecting the fur or meat and selling at a shop. Doesn't explain why they have an iron hammer inside them tho.

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