Nerf Now!! 1541 - 1550
Nerf Now!! 1541

You could say r/dota is the de facto voice of dota 2 community. If the game is suffering, their voice will be heard and pitchforks will be raised and what can I say, it seems to work.

In this age of Snipers and Trolls, lack of new heroes and the occasional server hiccup, the relationship has been kind of… unhappy.

But Valve appeared with news of change, tournaments and compendiums and all is forgiven. The rekindled flames of old love burn bright again. The tsun turn into dere and upvotes fly high again.

It's a cycle which starts as the international approaches and reaches it's maximum at the event itself, and slowly falls back to indifierence and eventually hate as the meta gets stale again and people demand new heroes and Diretide.

But for now, enjoy the hype!

Nerf Now!! 1542

I expect some flak just for making this comic, but honestly, I think this whole mod «outrage» is a smear campaing from people with an agenda, using half-truths and misdirectiong for their own benefit and / or amusement.

Just my 2 cents.

edit – I changed the part about donating since I can't get a confirmation about what I said earlier.

Nerf Now!! 1543

And with 6.84, the Dota 2 world is once again turned upside down…

I'd say physical «right click» carries got nerfed and spell-based carries may shine a bit more. Still, you need to right-click the ancient to kill it so don't expect Sniper / Jugg / Troll and etc to disappear.

I have lots of stuff to draw today so I'll keep this short so until next time!

Nerf Now!! 1544

Some annoying stuff happening right now on my side, making it hard to focus in doing the comic when I find time to do it, when this happens I'm always worried this will affect the comic quality so I hope you guys like it.

p.s. The stuff happening isn't health or family related so don't worry too much, it's just a giant fly of annoying shit I need to swat.

Nerf Now!! 1545

There is a new dota 2 patch out there and I'm too scared to play it. Rebalanced heroes, diffferent abilities and so many new items.

They have mangoes now. Mangoes! I don't know if I can deal with mangoes in my dota…

…so enjoy some Hearthstone while I get used to our new fruit overlords.

Nerf Now!! 1546

So, I got hungry and decided to go out to eat and do groceries… nothing special, just another day of work and chores.

When I reach the local restaurant I'm meet with closed doors… wait, is today some holiday? I try to remember the date and «ow fuck, labor day…»

No biggie, I'll just go to the mall, it never closes and opens on almost every day imaginable.

Every day except labor day it seen. Well, the food court was open so I could at least eat there but end up not buying anything.

I'm totally happy with as my job, but it's a bit lonely to work on those day where everybody is out having fun and I need to work.

Enjoy the comic!

Nerf Now!! 1547

I expect Jane to make some enemies with this strip, but I hope stealing dessert isn't a capital crime in the heart of many.

Who am I kidding? She may as well signed her death sentence with this vile crime.

And by the way, Angie tiredeness is just slightly based in real facts and used here for comedic purposes.. I for sure know lots of people who carry far heavier burden,

In short, don't get worry, I'm fine. :)

Nerf Now!! 1548

Given Angie hold both the Fanservice Button and the Pen Of Power, she could have done far worse…

…or not! I mean, can you imagine living without internet? There would be no way to check!

Nerf Now!! 1549

Sorry for the late comic, won't delay it more by trying to write a rant.

Gonna see if I can grab someone to watch Ultron with me now.

For now, enjoy the update.

Nerf Now!! 1550

I can kinda understand the appeal of shiny cosmetics on your hero, but I got surprised when I found people spend a ton on couriers and wards.

Sure, spending a couple of bucks on one you find particuraly pretty is fine, but paying hundreds or thousand blow of dollars on a rare courier blows my mind.

I guess some people just have the income.

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