Characters - Sid family

In case anyone doesn't get it, Arnold Sid is sort of the Minister of Education, Rebecca Sid is one of the Deputy Chief Justices (for the exorcists of North Tornia). Yes, Jeremy is an adopted child. But somehow that doesn't bother anyone… About the structure: the DOE in each country is divided into 9 departments, each of which has its authorized representative - a minister (sometimes more than one):

  1. Department of Education - responsible for exorcist schools, development of training and qualification methods, special courses, ranges, etc.
  2. Ministry of Public Protection - responsible for patrol and search and rescue teams of exorcists, protecting settlements and homes from mental invaders.
  3. Tribunal
  4. The Office for the Protection of Juvenile Exorcists - this includes the service for the control of juvenile exorcists, and is also responsible for orphanages and boarding schools
  5. Department of Mental Industry - in charge of all factories and artisan armories related to work on the DOE (machinery, weapon factories, automotive industry, production of reagents, uniforms, consumables, etc.)
  6. The Research Department - is in charge of collecting and organizing all information about the mental nature of the world. Under it are all research laboratories and services, archives, special mail, vivariums, menageries, mental storages, etc.
  7. Department of Health - under this are hospitals, clinics, special training and rehabilitation centers for exorcists
  8. Office of Interstate Affairs - a related agency dealing with interstate matters, also handles intelligence and investigations in conjunction with the Tribunal
  9. Department of Social Security and Labor - handles the distribution and employment of exorcists

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