Freefall 1821 - 1830
Freefall 1821

Edge and Blunt

I've got the list. There are robots who owe us parts not far from here.
No. We made. a promise. There are. other ways.
We shall. go to the scrap yard. and wait. for a robot. who does not wish. to purchase itself.
I still think we should grab one off the street. Robots who chose to be scrapped freak me out.
Freefall 1822

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals филлер

[!2.9]Kinetic Chemicals
Is all the pie out of my hair? Good.
As an engineer covered with fur, the most important additive to my shampoo is Teflon.
Freefall 1823

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

Hello. I need to set up a delivery of reaction mass to the spaceport.
Yes. Anyhow, we need to resupply several orbiting manufacturing satellites equipped with Vasimr drives. I need a delivery of high purity water to this address.
Many of the locals have found that holding your arms up and shouting “Doggy” gets it out of your system.

VASIMR – электромагнитный плазменный ускоритель с изменяемым удельным импульсом

Freefall 1824

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

I get it! You're a puzzle! Did Paul Flory send you? He knows how much I like puzzles.
I'm sorry. I don't know Paul Flory.
No matter. My mind is prepared by education and training to recognize novelty.
Please, no clues. You are the best puzzle I've had in months and you are not going to take the fun out of this by giving me the answers.
Freefall 1825

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

Okay. You're a gravitational engineer. You arrived on the Asimov. And you work for Sam Starfall.
That's amazing.
Simple deduction, actually.
No. It's amazing that you figured out I work for Sam and you haven't asked me to leave.
Freefall 1826

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

Now, last I heard, there were pretty severe penalties against creating something like you. How are you here?
“Proof of concept”. I'm something to show before sending an expedition to Pfouts.
Pfouts. Pfouts. Oh, right. The world where the Amino acids go the wrong way. Well, you're here unescorted. That by itself says a lot about you.
Anyhow, you came here for reaction mass. And you do work for Sam.
Which I can deduce means this will go smoother if I pay in advance.
Freefall 1827

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

That's done. We have reaction mass traceable in both source and purity. I need to get our tanks flushed and sampled after the new water is put in.
Working for Sam is a challenge. There are a lot of problems that I wouldn't encounter on another ship.
Speaking of which…
Freefall 1828

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

We need to find a place for you to stay while we work.
An orbiting spaceship is no place for an Emu.
Though I must admit to some curiosity on whether or not you would fly in microgravity.
Freefall 1829

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

I shouldn't be sharing food with you. I should be gnawing on your tasty bones.
But Helix would be upset if I ate you. So here I am, an Alpha Predator, playing servant to a bird.
Even with the ability to toss nukes around, I feel as if my ancestors are laughing at me.


Freefall 1830

Buying reaction mass at Kenetic Chemicals

We need. a brain.
I'm not helping you two ghouls. Get out of my scrap yard!
Sheesh. We dismember a few dozen robots for parts and suddenly we're social pariahs!
Edge. it is. an unfair. world.

Мне робот-металлоломщик сразу понравился. Асха всё обращает на пользу (Варг)

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