Freefall 3541 - 3550

Freefall 3541

Are you familiar with this type of interface?
I am. As you mentioned, it is an old ship.
Great. I've pulled up our schedule. I need to change clothes and disconnect the reactor. If you need anything, please ask.
Thank you.
Nuclear cross-sections are measured in barns. Increase the number of fuel atoms, increase the overall cross-section. By getting this reactor to the robots, Mr. Thurmad and I are participating in an old-fashioned barn-raising event.
Clothing change one. Proper work clothes until we launch and open the cargo bay to vacuum.
Tags are all hanging, breakers and valves are in the correct position. Time to get the polywell disconnected.
Until you do manual labor in a spacesuit, you never appreciate how nice it is to work in a place that has both air and gravity.
Polywell draining is complete. The drain valve is closed.
you ship.
A few absorbent pads because there's always a little water left after you drain a system.
Something both dogs and nuclear technicians are trained on. You don't leave puddles on the floor.
We are scheduled to leave the station in 15 minutes.
Almost done. Connecting the last winch as we speak.
Check, check. We're about to depressurize the cargo bay. Final check. Anyone here?
Infrared scan complete. You are the only life form in the area.
Inner doors are closed. Vacuum protocols are in place for the cargo bay. Which is a fancy way of saying the controls are locked out, and I've taped up the sign.
I looked at your manifest. The polywell reactor is being sold to robots?
Yes. They want to cyberform a moon near the gas giant.
Frozen balls of rock and ice. I do not see the attraction.
Cold is a resource. Many industrial processes are limited by how fast they can get rid of heat.
We like to live in hot oxidizing atmospheres where corrosive liquid falls from the sky. Robots like cold, dry, inert atmospheres. I see this as a good thing for us living together. We each have very different ideas about what is prime real estate.
Port reactor is up and running. Switching to internal power. Ready to disconnect from the station.
Roger, 1071-CCN. Releasing docking clamps. Proceed to the exit ramp.
With one operating reactor, you are required to stay within one light second of the station.
We are good. We are only going as far as the bone yard. 5000 kilometers. No distance at all.
That's how you can spot people who have been living in space for a while. They're the ones who consider 5000 kilometers to be “no distance at all.”
We're clear of the station. Extending radiators.
I need to get into my spacesuit. I'll get Sam to help me.
Sam? Ah, yes. The alien you are working with. I have heard stories about him. I am surprised he was not here for preparations.
If I were not surrounded by a.i.'s who would never intentionally harm a human, I might suspect they delayed the introduction until it was too late for me to leave.
Next change of clothes,
my thermal body stocking.
Flattens the fur, keeps itself at the same temperature and shows every curve I have.
Another reason why I want Sam helping me instead of Mr. Thurmad.
I feel more naked in this than if I wasn't wearing anything.
Sam. Wake up.
I need your help.
You need my help?
[!1.2]Ahhhh! We're all going to die!
We're not going to die. I need a second person to help me get into my space suit.
Nice panicking, though.
Thank you. After three weeks of relative calm, I was afraid I might have fallen out of practice.
Ship, this is your handsomely tentacled captain
My captain
is Gregor Thurmad.
We have a human onboard?
Yes. Winston's father. I would like you to be on your best behavior around him.
My best behavior? Nice! Shall we split his wallet fifty/fifty or is there something special you're after?
Allow me to rephrase.
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