Freefall 3141 - 3150 (D)
Freefall 3141

Ducking the privacy issue

Here's the file. I closed it as soon as I realized what I was looking at.
Let's see. They're testing joints, bones, muscle and organ support, and if my circulatory system is keeping up with the demands of being a biped.
You have this in x-ray mode. It's only showing bones.
[!1.2]Naked female lady bones!

Color by George Peterson

Это он зря. Фло может и обидеться. На кости. (Библиотечный Библиотекарь Библиотекович)

Freefall 3142

Ducking the privacy issue

This is quite a sophisticated image. It can do stress mapping of the bones. This shows both the impact from me on the treadmill and the forces of the tendons holding everything together.
Here's the image with my muscles added on. Or I can remove both the muscle and bone so it only shows the blood flow.
May I see?
I don't know. My bones were pretty embarrassing. Think you're ready to see my full circulatory system?

Color by George Peterson

Хе-хе… а у нее есть юмор. Даже к себе. (Библиотечный Библиотекарь Библиотекович)

Freefall 3143

Ducking the privacy issue

This is a good diagnostic. It shows your hip joints are strong enough for bipedal running.
Then about 22 KPH, the oxygen levels in your leg muscles starts to drop. That's when you go to all fours. But what is going on with that spine? Is that based off of a hero shrew?
Now, now. Can't have you looking at me TOO professionally.

Color by George Peterson

Угандская белозубка-броненоска обладает весьма мощно устроенным позвоночником и выносит тысячекратную нагрузку

Freefall 3144

Ducking the privacy issue

Should I delete the file? It can show, well, everything.
I'm adding a virtual bikini to the top layer. You can keep the file. You should know what you're getting into.
I've never met another Bowman's wolf. I grew up with humans. You're my normal. I'm not your normal. There will be times when my movement or scent will trigger a “Holy Carp! She's a dog! What am I doing?” reaction.
Would you be upset if I told you I've already had a few moments like that?
No, because there are two kinds of people. Those who admit that I occasionally weird them out and those who lie about it.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3145

Ducking the privacy issue

Does it bother you, having to deal with stuff like that file?
Yes, but it depends on how you look at it. What if I hadn't been modified?
I'd be dead by the age of fifteen. Less if I lived in the wild. I wouldn't have my family. No hands. No language. Definitely no frozen peanut butter doggy treats.
People tend to concentrate on the negatives I have to deal with. From my point of view, I won the lottery.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3146

Should we meet the parents?

Sam got a job offer today. Helping out a station operator.
I was thinking. It might be an opportunity to see your parents.
I don't know. It's not like they live in an orbital habitat or on the other side of the planet. They live a long way away.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3147

Should we meet the parents?

Have you told your parents I'm a genetically engineered wolf?
I'm breaking it to them slowly. I've told them you had some modifications done. Amber eyes. Sharp teeth. A tail.
Mom seemed disappointed the tail isn't prehensile, but once they get the full picture, I'm sure she'll understand.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3148

Should we meet the parents?

Your parents think I'm a modified human?
I never said you were human, though Mom would probably consider you one.
She's convinced we need to modify ourselves to reach our full potential. She won't exclude someone because of baseline DNA.
What is your mom like?
Imagine Nikola Tesla as a hippy transhumanist with a slightly smaller mustache and you pretty much have her.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3149

Should we meet the parents?

Your mom has a mustache?
A big, bushy one. She calls it her speech filter.
If someone can't get past the idea of a woman with a mustache, she'll talk about normal things. If they take the mustache in stride, she'll talk about transhumanism.
At first, the mustache sounded kind of stupid. It's actually quite smart. Now I feel kind of stupid.
No worries. My mom produces that reaction a lot.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 3150

Should we meet the parents?

What is your dad like?
He's from a very conservative community. He met mom during rumspringa. They hit it off and he decided not to go back.
He was amish?
Techno amish. They use machinery and operating systems up to windows XP.
Techno amish?
Yep. When you have airlocks to maintain and the atmosphere of the planet will kill you, it changes what you need for a simple life.

Color by George Peterson

Амиши - религиозное течение, последователи которого придерживаются ограничений в использовании современных технологий
Румспринга - период, во время которого подросток амишей определяется, хочет он принимать веру амишей или нет

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