Freefall 2431 - 2440 (D)
Freefall 2431

Florence gets out for a walk

If all goes according to plan, Mr. Kornada will be in control of seven percent of the planet's wealth. Our actions will benefit all humanity. Now will you assist us?
I will give you a doggie treat.
Humans respond when the numbers go into the millions. I will give you a million doggie treats.
As much as I feel my actions deserve doggie treats, I must still decline.

Color by George Peterson

By the way, in case anyone has forgotten, Florence is under direct orders from the Assistant Mayor to prevent the Gardener in the Dark program from coming out. That's why Clippy or the Polaris can't give her a direct order to help them  -they don't have the authority to do so (taken from the comic forum). (KALDYH)

Freefall 2432

Florence gets out for a walk

Disable the robots and steal their assets? That's the plan? How can robots even own assets!?
Central planning is inefficient. Giving robots individual control over a portion of their earnings resulted in optimization of maintenance.
Excuse me? As interesting as this conversation is, now would be a very good time for a bathroom break.
Seriously, if I don't get a break soon, this chair is going to be permanently considered part of my territory.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2433

Florence gets out for a walk

estimated sound of remote

You have two minutes until I use the remote again. If you try to open the door, I use the remote immediately.
He's working for Mr. Kornada. He's one of the bad guys. Still, he talked about obeying the law. I guess that's why I feel guilty about using this as an opportunity to escape.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2434

Florence gets out for a walk

Hate that remote. Hate losing the last few minutes of my memory when I'm turned off. If I'm not successful, I 'm not even going to remember trying to escape.
No windows. Vent is far too small. Not a lot of time to do what needs to be done.
First thing, I really do need to use the bathroom.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2435

Florence gets out for a walk

Clippy is proof that giving something that much intelligence and forcing it to obey orders was a disaster waiting to happen.
The wolf is even more worrying. Sabotaging a safeguard program? For all I know, she was designed specifically for that purpose.
That's the biggest danger when managing someone as smart as Dr. Bowman. By the time you figure out what his game is, he's already two moves past checkmate.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2436

Florence gets out for a walk

Water in the ears should distort the signal to where the remote won't shut me down. This is it. I'm intentionally subverting one of my safeguards.
This is uncomfortable. An audio shutdown signal that they let us know about? It's too obvious and too easy to bypass. It's very likely a tripwire of some sort.
I don't like hitting tripwires. I especially don't like hitting tripwires when they're in my head and I don't know what they're attached to.

Color by George Peterson

(from the comic book forum) Maybe it's the ear-pulling technique Mark mentioned a few years ago. Flo doesn't know about it yet, but Polar may know. Maybe the sense of unease she feels is her intuition. Ear Pulling Technique: (spoiler: If you yank her ear (forget which one, maybe both) three times in a row, she'll pass out), source of forum members forgotten.

Freefall 2437

Florence gets out for a walk

estimated sound of remote

Ten seconds until shutdown. Please sit or lie down so you don't fall.
The first step worked. Now for the classic battle between male and female for control of the remote.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2438

Florence gets out for a walk

[!1.2]What are you doing? This is the woman's restroom! Get out!
Sorry, sorry.
Wait a minute.
What am I doing?

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2439

Florence gets out for a walk

Why didn't the remote shut her down? More to the point, where is the remote?
blueish wall
green frame
brown door
black lines
Decision time. Go in after her, wait until she comes out, or start running while I've got the chance?

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2440

Florence gets out for a walk

You broke the remote! Okay, direct order! Sit! Stay!
You are not authorized to give me direct orders.
You're pretty much operating without any safeguards now, aren't you?
Pretty much.
So why aren't you attacking?
Darn it! I'm showing too many teeth when smiling again.

Color by George Peterson

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