Freefall 2436

Florence gets out for a walk

Water in the ears should distort the signal to where the remote won't shut me down. This is it. I'm intentionally subverting one of my safeguards.
This is uncomfortable. An audio shutdown signal that they let us know about? It's too obvious and too easy to bypass. It's very likely a tripwire of some sort.
I don't like hitting tripwires. I especially don't like hitting tripwires when they're in my head and I don't know what they're attached to.

Color by George Peterson

(from the comic book forum) Maybe it's the ear-pulling technique Mark mentioned a few years ago. Flo doesn't know about it yet, but Polar may know. Maybe the sense of unease she feels is her intuition. Ear Pulling Technique: (spoiler: If you yank her ear (forget which one, maybe both) three times in a row, she'll pass out), source of forum members forgotten.

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