Freefall 1991 - 2000
Freefall 1991

When robot factories go to war

Sir, have you ever visited three year old robots before?
No. Will there be any danger?
No danger. For this robots, seeing their first human is going to be like their momma suddenly appeared from the sky. Everything's going to be rainbows and sunshine and happiness.
Up to the point, that is, when momma wants to leave.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1992

When robot factories go to war

Please keep these in your pocket, sir. Now, young robots are very affected by their primary programming.
In their minds, the greatest accomplishment anyone can do is successfully save a human from harm. They will be looking for any opportunity to carry out this action.
So when you're near this gentleman, don't make any sudden moves.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1993

When robot factories go to war

I'm off to plug myself in. If you need anything, just talk. I can hear you while flying.
Please stay seated until we reach Mach eight. Then continue to remain seated during deceleration.
And should there be an emergency, please don't scream. Emergencies are stressful enough without you guys panicking as well.
Sawtooth, get off my intercom.

Color by George Peterson


Freefall 1994

When robot factories go to war

What are you up to?
I need to fill out the forms to get the reactor parts we need.
I'm human. Won't the robots give them to me if I ask?
To claim parts, even our creators need the proper paperwork.
Modern creators get no respect.
But they do get to use e-forms. If these were stone tablets, we'd both have hernias.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1995

When robot factories go to war

Black sky. We are at the apex of our flight. Beginning descent.
Please feel free to use the airsickness bags under your seat. A friend of mine is collecting. She's going to make a comet.
Uhm, I gave at the office.
We feel fine, Bennie.
Understood. Beginning acrobatic maneuvers!

Color by George Peterson

Possibly a reference to Vomit Comet, a scientific study in temporarily reduced gravity

Freefall 1996

When robot factories go to war

Rolling turn! Loop! Snap roll!
Quit smiling! This is no fun if you guys are enjoying it!
Bennie, after we land and my accelerometers recalibrate, I'm going to step on your head!
[!1.12]Thank goodness for Sawtooth! Immelman! Split S! Cuban eight!

Color by George Peterson

By the way, Benny spins the most difficult aerobatics. An accurate description of their performance.

Freefall 1997

When robot factories go to war

We've landed. let's get those parts you need.
Quick stop, Sawtooth. I'm leaving you secured. You're going to have to wait to step on my head. But no worries, I'll make sure the next leg of the trip is interesting.
Look Bennie! They have remotes here that I can access!
Okay, Okay! You win! no more acrobatics for the rest of the trip!

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1998

When robot factories go to war

Hu-man! Hu-man!
Florence, you have to see this. they're all out of the power plant and chanting at me.
Fame is fleeting.
Says you. I've just had ten thousand robots friend me on Facebook.
Hu-man! Hu-man!

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 1999

When robot factories go to war

Doggies have teeth.
Teeth are for biting.
Man bites dog is news. Dog bites man is not news.
To be fair, I did warn you this could happen.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2000

When robot factories go to war

Don't bite, doggy!
Order in conflict! First priority!
Protect the human!
Stop! Halt! Desist!
I don't bite! Human safe! Uhm, helper dog! Helper dog!
Helper dogs are trained not to bite.
Human not in danger?
If you were in danger we would sacrifice ourselves to save you!
We love you, human!
Sorry. I didn't know my safety would be so dangerous to those around me.

Color by George Peterson

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