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Freefall 3175

Crime at it's most basic level

The golden rule. As observed in the Kingdom of Id, whoever has the gold makes the rules. Rules made by the rich are not always fair to everyone.
Niccolo Machiavelli said that if men do not have legal means to redress their injuries, they will resort to illegal ones.
This is where we come in.
[!0.9]R I G H T

Color by George Peterson

Золотое правило нравственности - “Относись к другим так, как хочешь, чтобы относились к тебе.”
“У кого золото, тот и придумывает правила” - шутка, растиражированная комиксом The Wizard of ID в выпуске от 3 мая 1965 года газеты “The Dallas Morning News”.

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