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Freefall 3114

Nuclear reactors and targeted advertising

If you need anything else, you can count on Kinetic Chemicals. Ask for me, Roy Plunkett.
Thank you.
Bathroom time. My designers didn't want us fuzz testing to find loopholes. There are consequences for pushing against safeguards.
I could have used the bathroom back there. But it's hard to tell someone that talking to them has made you physically ill without them feeling a bit insulted.

Color by George Peterson

Фаззинг — техника тестирования программного обеспечения, при котором программе скармливаются намеренно искажённые данные до тех пор, пока она не засбоит (Mitrill)
В шутку этот метод называют “третирование кода” (Robot Spike)

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