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Freefall 2570

The police always call while I'm adjusting my wolf

Are you supposed to be this close to me?
I disabled the shock collar. Red lights. Let me turn it back on.
Green lights now. You'll have to take my word for it. We redesigned your eyes. Light sensitive cells on top and you've got a fovea. Stole some of your color vision for that.
Any chance I could get a copy of your design notes?
Sorry. Trade secrets. Besides, you're supposed to be user friendly enough to operate yourself without a vendor's manual.

Dogs see different. Here's the article How dogs see in the magazine Science and Life
Fovea centralis – A small depression in the centre of the yellow spot of the retina, composed entirely of cones, responsible for concentration and distinguishing details, forming about half of the visual signal of the entire eye. It is absent in canines, but this does not affect visual acuity.

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