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Freefall 2345


One of your employees disabled a police robot at the pound and took the Bowman's Wolf. We have apprehended him. We have not yet recovered Ms. Ambrose.
I assume this is more than a call to share information.
Mr. Jacobsoni claims a robot was giving him orders. It is not showing up on our monitors. We're seeing some odd things with items appearing and disappearing. I would guess we have redaction software running in our surveillance system.
Uhmm. Yeah. Homespace Security mandates that their agents must be able to move unobserved. There are some… undocumented features… in the surveillance system.
Might I say that in the name of security, you're making things rather insecure for the rest of us.

Color by George Peterson

Homespace Security – along the lines of Homeland Security (national, or internal US security: Ministry of_internal_security), spread over an entire cosmos. The wordplay is lost in translation, but I think that's okay. (KALDYH)

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