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Freefall 1539

A call from the mayor

Blows outward and extinguishes the flame. These exploding cigars are… safer than I was hoping for.
Have you and Polly been introduced?
We rescued her from a savage pack of tailgaters. They were going to cook her in peanut oil, with crisps and chips and soy bacon and lettuce on the side.
No, no! All that water coming out of her mouth means she wants to be friendly.
Now is it never add drool to acid, or acid to drool?

If water gets into concentrated acid, it causes a lot of heat (the dissolution process is exothermic), and the boiling liquid flies everywhere and causes a lot of damage. The right  is to add acid to water little by little (water has a higher heat capacity) and stir long and thoroughly.
Well, these rules rather apply to sulfuric acid specifically. The heat capacity is not much different, but the density is. If you splash water, it stays on the surface, where it is quite capable of boiling. On the contrary, the acid passes through the entire thickness, dissolving and cooling down.

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