Jesus and Mo 1131 - 1140 (H)
Jesus and Mo 1131


[!2.0]Apparently there are ten symptoms of narcissism and you only need five to be positively diagnosed with it
[!2.0]a grandiose sense of self-importance; a belief that you are “special”
[!2.0]a strong sense of entitlement a need to be admired and flattered
[!2.0]fantasies of unlimited power; haughty, arrogant behaviour
[!2.0]Mo, that's you isn't it? You are a narcissist!
[!2.0]Listen Jesus
[!2.0]… I am Mohammed god!s final prophet and the perfect role model for all mankind
[!2.0]Of course I'm a narcissist - I'm bloody marvelous
Jesus and Mo 1132


[!2.0]No Jesus - I have zero interest in the football world cup.
[!2.0]But it's in Qatar this year - an Islamic community
[!2.0]I don't care
[!2.0]You are just bitter because teams from muslim countries aren't as good as teams from christian countries
[!2.0]That has nothing to do with it. Watching football is a distraction from life's true path, which is to develop the love of god in your heart
[!2.0]Saudi-Arabia are beating Argentinia 2-1 at the moment
[!2.8]Go on boys!
[!2.0]Put some cloths on for god's sake!
Jesus and Mo 1133


[!2.0]It is great that the world cup is in Qatar - it's an international showcase for Islam
[!2.0]What exactly is it about this great 'showcase' hat you find so attractive?
[!2.0]Is it the outrageous restriction of women's rights? Or the labor laws that treat migrant workers as modern day slaves? Or maybe the fact that same-sex relationships are illegal?
[!2.0]I refuse to play along with your blatantly prejudiced questioning barmaid
[!2.0]I'm guessing it's the women's rights restrictions that you like best
Jesus and Mo 1134


[!2.0]I actually appreciate the barmaids critical examination of my beliefs
[!2.0]I've learned a lot about cognitive biases and logical fallacies
[!2.0]I agree - they are such useful concepts for someone like myself who strives to view the world objectively
[!2.0]It's ironic, that despite her supposed rationality, the barmaid can't see, that the Koran is God's perfect word
[!2.0]No it isn't - the Koran is an objectively mediocre text.
[!2.0]But it is weird, that she doesn't recognize the fact that I died and was resurrected for her sins
[!2.0]Ha ha! You're so irrational
Jesus and Mo 1135


[!2.0]Someone has created an index which we can use to evaluate Islamophobia and punish it appropriately
[!2.0]For example when Boris Johnson compared women in burkas to “letterboxes” - that scores 35 out of 40 according to the index
[!2.0]That's hardly even an insult! Not like when you call Jews and Christians “apes” and “swine” in the Koran.
[!2.0]And what about all the hateful things you say about infidels?
[!2.0]Why not run the Koran through the index and see what scores you get?
[!2.0]That wasn't me. That was God.
[!2.0]Oh, shut up, bollard.
Jesus and Mo 1136


[!2.0]Tribalism is a mayor obstacle to peace in the world
[!2.0]People get so attached to their own tribe that they end up excusing anything said or done in its name, however vile
[!2.0]And everything said or done by the enemy tribe must be condemned, and presented as evidence of that tribe's degeneracy
[!2.0]So, this Christmas in the spirit of the season, we have decided to bury our differences and unite for the good of humanity against the evil of tribalism
[!2.0]Will you join us?
Jesus and Mo 1137


[!2.0]Women are deficient in both intelligence and religion
[!2.0]What evidence do you have for that?
[!2.0]There's plenty of evidence. In Court the testimony of two women is equal to that of one man.
[!2.0]This is due to their being less intelligent than men.
[!2.0]Plus women can neither pray nor fast during their menses - so they are unarguably deficient in religion compared to men
[!2.0]But you made those rules, didn't you?
[!2.0]Yes, because of the deficiencies of women
Jesus and Mo 1138


[!2.0]This year I resolve to be a nicer person and resist the impulse to be critical of others
[!2.0]That's nice Mo
[!2.0]I resolve to do something about my tendency to waste precious time after I came across an article called “Ten Effective Tactics to Beat Procrastination”
[!2.0]Well done Jesus! That's great. What sort of tactics does the article recommend?
[!2.0]I don't know. I haven't read it yet
Jesus and Mo 1139


[!2.0]Is it true that the koran is so revered that you are supposed to ritually cleanse yourself before handling it?
[!2.0]And that devout muslims must bow down five times a day and pray in the direction of a large black cube called the Kaaba?
[!2.0]And the you, Mo, are placed on a pedestal by your followers as the perfect role model for all mankind - and every time your name is mentioned a prayer is said in your honour?
[!2.0]But it is forbidden to draw a picture of you, because …
[!2.0]Idolatry is an unforgivable sin.
Jesus and Mo 1140
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