Jesus and Mo 1121 - 1130 (D)
Jesus and Mo 1121
Jesus and Mo 1122
Jesus and Mo 1123
Jesus and Mo 1124


[!1.2]Ok, Jesus, that's cool. Whatever works for you, man
[!1.2]What about you Mo? What do you belief in?
[!1.2]I believe in Allah and that I am his prophet. Follow Islam and you will reach paradies
[!1.2]Ok, Mo, that's cool. Whatever works for you, man
[!1.2]No Moses! It's not “Whatever works for me”, Islam is Allah's ultimate revelation mankind and we believers will wage jihad until the whole world submits to the religion of truth.
[!1.2]Ok, Mo, that's cool. Whatever works for you, man
Jesus and Mo 1125


[!1.2]Penal substitution is the model of atonement which states that I died on the cross to pay the price of mankind's sin
[!1.2]What was “the price”?
[!1.2]Blood! The spiling of my own blood was the only thing that could assuage my Dad's wrath
[!1.2]Yuck! That's pretty sick Jesus
[!1.2]Besides, you and your Dad are meant to be the same person - you're saying you could only satisfy yourself by torturing yourself to death?
[!1.2]You should be grateful I died in your place
[!1.2]Gee thanks, but how can it be right for one person to be punished on behalf of another? The whole thing is not only absurd, it is immoral
[!1.2]“Penal substitution” indeed! - it should be called Penil substitution
[!1.2]Because only a dick would believe it
Jesus and Mo 1126


[!1.2]You know how this book is supposed to be the uncreated word of god?
[!1.2]Yes of course
[!1.2]Unsurpassed and inimitable in its divine wisdom, truth an beaty?
[!1.2]Indeed, Allah's word is perfect in every way
[!1.2]He certainly does a perfect impersonation of a 7th century Arabian block
[!1.2]You like that? His talents are boundless aren't they?
[!1.2]It's uncanny.
Jesus and Mo 1127


[!1.2]So Jesus do you still think, you are the son of god?
[!1.2]I am the son of god Moses
[!1.2]Oh come on…
[!1.2]The claim that Allah has a son is a monstrous falsehood
[!1.2]God can not be subdivded
[!1.2]But I am the son of God
[!1.2]Ok, maybe you genuinely believe you are the son of god - but you are not
[!1.2]Face it, you're just deluded
[!1.2]I identify as the son of God
[!1.2]Oh sorry Jesus! Why didn't you say so before?
[!1.2]Please give your father my regards - I haven't seen him in ages
Jesus and Mo 1128


[!2.0]We know you don't believe in God - but what about life after death?
[!1.88]Do you believe in that?
[!2.0]No, I don't.
[!2.0]What? No heaven?
[!2.0]What about angels?
[!2.0]Ok barmaid - how did your head become so full of nonsense?
[!2.0]Are you in some kind of cult?
Jesus and Mo 1129


[!2.0]Barmaid, we've decided to boycott this pup.
[!2.0]You clearly hate us
[!2.0]No, I don't - I quite like you!
[!2.0]But do you believe I'm the son of god?
[!2.0]And that I'm his final prophet?
[!2.0]Well … no
[!2.0]Then your disbelief erases our identity and dignity, barmaid - that's hateful
[!2.0]For the sake of our psychological wellbeing, we can no longer patronize this establishment
[!2.0]Ha! No, not really - you can believe what ever you want
[!2.0]You'll find out the truth on judgement day anyway. Ha ha!
[!2.0]Two more pints, please
Jesus and Mo 1130


[!2.0]Hi, I'm Jesus
[!2.0]And 'Im Mo.
[!2.0]And together we're … Jesus and Mo!
[!2.0]What are you going to do for us tonight, Jesus and Mo?
[!2.0]Tonight we are singing about the guilt by association fallacy, and how it should be avoided by all fair-minded people.
[!2.0]It's called “You know who else usses the guilt by association fallacy?”
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