Sandra and Woo 0741 - 0750
Sandra and Woo 0741

Under A Killer Balloon: The Cereal Killer, Page 19

And this, dear food processing industry, is exactly why you shouldn't change the formula of your products!

Also, every Pearls Before Swine reader should have known from the start that a character named Tommy won't see the end of a story arc alive. Disregard this, I'm stupid.

Sandra and Woo 0742

Under A Killer Balloon: The Cereal Killer, Page 20

One of my favorite strips of the year. I really like how the artwork turned out here.

Sandra and Woo 0747

Melody's Guide To Programming Languages


Планкалкюль – первый высокоуровневый ЯП в мире, созданный Конрадом Цузе в 1943-45 гг.

This strip is based on various posts and comments which I found on Reddit's /r/ProgrammerHumor community.

Sandra and Woo 0749

Dating Strategy

I really like how this story arc turned out and think that it will be a great way to begin the new year.

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