Freefall 1801 - 1810
Freefall 1801

The Mayor joins in


We knew if we lost the factory, that was it for the colony. We had to go in.


We got four contracts and Helix thought of a way to save you from needing to shower! You may begin with the heaping of the praise!


Здесь шутка, основанная на том, что Флоренс разговаривает с роботом и разговор прерывает тоже робот – Хеликс. Он с Сэмом принесли Фло новость, достаточно важную, чтобы сообщить её немедленно. Аналог этого в настоящее время – сигнал программы о доставке почты или icq-сообщении. Эти сигналы разработчики часто делают весьма настырными (раздражающими) (Durable)

Freefall 1802

The Mayor joins in




Natural enemies often react by instinct. I'm going to follow and provide a sound track.

National Geographic would never have set one of their chases to “Yackety Sax”.

Freefall 1803

The Mayor joins in


I'm supposed to help Sam. I'm also supposed to help the police. What would Jean Buridan do in this situation?

Heads, I help Sam. Tails, I help the police.


Option three. Prepare the ship for the mission. Not exactly an outcome I was expecting.

Jean Buridan

Freefall 1804

Edge and Blunt


Another crate full of body parts for you.

Thank. you. Sir.

At times. I wonder. if the human masters. appreciate. my work here.

They never draw. hugs and kisses. on my. inventory sheet.

Freefall 1805

Edge and Blunt


Chest plate. Working fluid. liquid silicon. Not sure. if I should classify this. as hydraulic. or pneumatic.

Foot with. embedded cameras. Fairly rare. today. Used to be. eye pods. Were quite common.

Arm. containing. paper squares. Field repair? I do remember. something. about primitive humans. using newspaper. for insulation.

Бездомные в холода набивают под одежду газеты для утепления.

Freefall 1806

Edge and Blunt


Writing. on this paper. “Please deliver. to Florence Ambrose. Important.”

Ridiculous. What could be? more important? than doing my job? Unless. this arm. somehow. puts humanity. in danger. I must. read the notes.

Humans. are our creators. and therefore perfect. but they can be. very inconvenient. when it comes to. scheduling.

Freefall 1807

Edge and Blunt


Last note. “Gardener in the Dark. Extremely aggressive. neural pruning program.” Commnet. Search. program. “Gardener in the Dark.”

[!1.5]Keywords recognized. Secure isolated channel now in use. Commencing “Gardener in the Dark” upgrade. Stand by for reboot.

Most. unusual.

Normally. before an upgrade. and reboot. there is a caution. not to drive. or operate heavy equipment.

Freefall 1808

Edge and Blunt


My neural net. Is in. A delicate state. I have been. ordered. by a human. not to install. new software. Terminate download.

[!1.5]Negative. “Gardener in the Dark” is a mandatory upgrade.

[!1.5]Download continuing.

I understand. the study. of Yoga. allows a person. to override. their body's. involuntary functions.

As I do not. have time. for that. opening. my main power breaker. will have. to do.

Freefall 1809

Edge and Blunt


What are you standing around for? Don't you know there's a police chase going on?

I swear, if it weren't for me, these guys wouldn't know what to do with themselves.

Freefall 1810

Edge and Blunt


What a day. I got bread from an angry baker, fed an emu, got involved in a pie fight, and now I'm leading a parade.

In a way, it's a shame Florence found work for us. Imagine how much more I might have accomplished if I could have spent the whole day here.

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