Freefall h0126
Freefall 1261

Dumpsters. The original fast food


Should we get Florence?

Not yet. Her ideas on fun and property ownership are still rather limited.

She hopes by being honest and trustworthy, she'll influence your behavior.

And she does, Helix.

We finally have someone we can count on to bail us out.

Freefall 1262

Dumpsters. The original fast food


Sam and Helix came back, put the grill away, then left again.

It's Saturday night, they'll probably be gone for hours. I can rebuild the oxygen flow valve.

Not that I don't trust Sam and Helix. It's just there is some maintenance that's safest done with them either off ship or duct taped to a chair.

Freefall 1263

Dumpsters. The original fast food


Okay, that's enough for tonight.

It takes a lot of work to keep the machinery of civilization going.

It's funny. People are taught all about ecology and the rain forest, yet almost nothing about the infrastructures that actually keep them alive.

Freefall 1264

Dumpsters. The original fast food


I think I'll download a book and wait up for Sam and Helix.

Waiting up is just a courtesy now. When I was a pup, it was much more important to be up and waiting when my owners came home.

If you don't get the doggy bag right as it comes in the door, it becomes a people bag when they get hungry later.

Doggy bag (Варг)

Freefall 1265

Making life interesting for the mayor


Do we get out now?

Not yet.


Not yet.

Hey! What are you two doing back there!?



Freefall 1266

Making life interesting for the mayor


Looks like something is going on here.

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the Museum of Lichen. Boring.

Helix, it is up to us to save this mundane building dedication from historical obscurity.

It's our civic duty.

Freefall 1267

Making life interesting for the mayor


If a department has enough people to do its job, it's overmanned.

Build another power plant? We can make more money if there's a shortage.

Yes, allowing people to lock their credit would solve most fraud problems. But this way, we can sell them credit monitoring and make another fortune.

You lifted your first wallet! I'm so proud of you!

Under the circumstances, it seemed like the right thing to do.

Freefall 1268

Making life interesting for the mayor


As your mayor, I'm proud to dedicate…


That man is running with scissors!

Lend me your gun. I'm going to shoot him before he hurts himself.

Freefall 1269

Making life interesting for the mayor


Give me your gun!

No! You're not trained to safely shoot people like I am!


I can't. I'm upset, and the first rule is never to draw your gun in anger.


Either the Mayor's aim is getting better or she's hiring more aerodynamic bodyguards!

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