Freefall 0731 - 0740
Freefall 0731

A slight difference among the robots


There's no prize, but the ability to see something from another's point of view is a very big step for an artificial intelligence.

And the robots here can do that?

You can do it. I suspect the other locals can. But I can't make broad generalizations based on the response of one individual.

So other people might NOT like immersing their heads in lime jello?

I'd say that is a distinct possibility.

Freefall 0732

A slight difference among the robots


I need to be going. It was nice to meet you.

It was nice to meet you as well. Good bye.

I'm impressed by that robot's mental flexibility, but he also seemed a bit flighty. If a lot of the robots are like him, this could be a dangerous time for them.

Humans say they want products that can think for themselves. What they really want is products that do what they're told.

Freefall 0733

A slight difference among the robots


Thank you. Were they any trouble?

Pre-ordered and pre-paid. Hard to believe you work for Sam.

Do you mind going back alone? I've found five year olds and explosives are a bad combination.

No problem at all. Thank you for showing me about, and say good bye to the kids for me.

Don't mix five year olds and explosives. There's a child rearing tip you don't want to gain from experience.

Freefall 0734

Satellite delivery


Sam! Sam! Wake up! A visitor has come to see you!

A visitor? How? No one should know I'm here! Are the doors locked? Was he carrying a baseball bat?

He said he's here to deliver the satellites for the contract you signed.

Wow! I've never had a visitor who wasn't trying to kill me or collect money from me.

I thought he looked like a troublemaker. I'll go chase him off.

Freefall 0735

Satellite delivery


No, Helix. We don't want to chase this guy away. He's… Well… I guess he's a customer.

We need to be nice to this guy. Show him some respect. Be polite.

So no pick pocketing until after we've shaken hands and introduced ourselves.

Freefall 0736

Satellite delivery



Hi, hi, Mr. Satellite Delivery Man!

Please, PLEASE, tell me you were the low bidders.

Freefall 0737

Satellite delivery


Bye, Mr. Satellite Delivery Man!

Twenty satellites to take into orbit. A valid contract.

We could look at this as our first job as legitimate businessmen.

Or we could look at it as these satellites are worth a lot more than they're paying us to deliver them.

You thought honestly for almost four seconds! That's a new record!

Freefall 0738

Satellite delivery


Where's a good place to hide these satellites?

Under your bed?

Helix, are you nuts? We can't hide twenty complex and expensive satellites under my bed.

That's the first place they'd look. We'll hide them under YOUR bed.

Freefall 0739

Satellite delivery


I don't have a bed. I sleep standing up.

Nuts. Okay, where else would be a good place to hide the satellites?

In orbit?

Hmm. Only people with a spaceship could get to them. We'd be able to keep an eye on them. And if we put them exactly where they're supposed to be, the owner won't notice we've stolen them.

Helix, I like it! This is a crime so sneaky and so subtle, even I don't know if I'm actually committing it!

Freefall 0740

Satellite delivery


Delivery for Ms. Ambrose!

A delivery for Florence. Two visitors in one day who aren't trying to kill me.

Hey, I know you! You're the guy who tried to steal my tires!

This is probably a good thing. I might have let my guard down with someone who was really trying to hurt me.

Could you please remove the box? I'd like to run over you repeatedly now.

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