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Freefall 1403

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

It's not a bad disguise. I'd wear a Burqa, but that's female clothing.
Not always. After the Middle East conflict, many men discovered they liked wearing Burqas. Burqa Bob's is a clothing store catering to men.
How do you determine if a robot is male or female?
We count the number of words we use in a month, then divide for a daily average.
Less than 5000 words per day, male. Greater than 5000 words per day, female.

Bomb 20 из фильма Dark Star © Jack H. Harris Enterprises
Бурка – имеется в виду не та, что у Чапаева, а женская мусульманская одежда, сродни парандже.
Фло не болтлива. Могут ли они воспринять её как самца?

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