Freefall 0300

Hurricane Joe is moving in


Florence! What are you doing? I don't want to rescue people! I want to land and show off my ship!

They're right in the path of a storm cell. No one else can respond in time.

I want to rescue people!

Ship protocol requires rescue.

Then it's decided. We're doing this rescue.

Call me old fashioned. But as captain of this ship, I really think I should have some say in how it's run.

Флоренс из первого поколения ИИ и не может занимать руководящие должности. Очевидно, она сейчас обошла встроенную в неё блокировку (Robot Spike)
Мне кажется, тут первый закон чистой воды. Сэм – нечеловек, его приказы обладают меньшим приоритетом (ANDRoidFox)

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