Nerf Now!! 1531 - 1540
Nerf Now!! 1531

I don't know what that moonwells / effigies / ziggurats have I *need* to kill them.

How many times I died because I stood on the enemy base too long just to finish a damaged building which serve no purpose.

Still.. that delicious 100 gold….

Nerf Now!! 1532

Unless I'm wrong, we have 4 former Champions fighting for the Redemption Vote in the upcoming Summit 3 vote, but this year been rife with roster changes and doesn't surprise me some of the most prestigious teams took too long to stabilize and performed badly on the qualifiers.

Anyway, here is the teams the girls are pledging their support this year…

Anne-Marie: Alliance, since EE-sama is supporting them

Jane: Leviathan, coz Murica.

Alek: Team Empire, because DAVAI, DAVAI!

Morgan: Newbee, because she really don't want to «win»

Angie: Ninjas in Pyjamas, because of their fun name.

You need to buy the Summit 3 compendium to vote but you can always cheer on the sidelines for your favorite team (or girl) to win.

Nerf Now!! 1533

One of the things which worry me more when doing a joke is how obvious it is.

If the idea is so obvious I thought of it as soon as I saw the news there is this chance lots of people did it.

Worse, some other comic may have done it and I'll be called a thief and a hack, or worse.

Still, a comic needs to be made and sometimes you just hope for the best. For better or for worse, tomorrow will be another day, with another joke.

Nerf Now!! 1534

Battlefield Heroes closes today. Being a fan of Team Fortress I never really gave it a chance.

However, it's sad to see another game go, specially since it's a only one game meaning there is no way to play it now at all.

Good night sweet prince, you fought well.


Nerf Now!! 1535

So, I heard there is a trailer about this movie, it's called «Star Wars» you may have heard of it.

Personally, I'm giving it the Molyneux treatment, but the last 3 movies were not good so I'm being preeeeeetty skeptical about it.

I like the chrome Storm Tropper thou. Hope he last longer than Darth Maul though.

Nerf Now!! 1536



I was losing on both Hearthstone and Dota… until I decided to play Combo Druid (Hearthstone) and Lina (Dota2).

Suddently, game is easy and fun and the enemy having half an HP bar is the same as being dead.

At least is not FaceHunter and Sniper, right people?


Nerf Now!! 1537

Invictus Gaming won The Summit redemption vote, ensuring their spot on the competition.

I expected Alliance or Na'Vi to win, because last year Cloud 9 won, perhaps pointing a certain bias of the public for a western team in the vote. To my surprise IGwon.

People are saying the votes were split between Alliance and Na'vi so a chinese team got the brunt of the chinese votes but IG by itself got 43% of the votes, if we removed one of the other teams from the poll chances were enough of the remaining votes would flow to IG anyway.

So, grats to IG for making it. Honestly I wish Na'Vi or Alliance won because they could join panels and give some colorful comentaries about the scene but the people spoke, and their said they want IG.

I guess promissing that maid cosplay make all the difference.

Nerf Now!! 1538

Mortal Kombat X story is good. It's not high literature but let say it's as good as a hollywood movie.

Characters die, fall from grace, recover their honor and grown. You see lots of old faces and several new ones. More important, the plot advances, there is a clear storyline going with the Mortal Kombat series, solid enough for you to want to know what will happen next.

If I wasn't so bad at fighting games I'd play it.

By the way, I like D'vorah and Ferra/Torr designs. It's a pity Ferra/Torr are such secondary characters because I find her speech super funny with her «SNEAAKY» and «TRICKERY» lines.

Nerf Now!! 1539

Based on real facts.

The temperature started dropping. Isn't winter yet, but the warmth is gone.

Cold, sad days ahead….



Nerf Now!! 1540

Sniper is beatable, but the fight just feels unfair. He has range and damage. If he is ahead you can't fight him, and if he is losing he can turtle like a monster using towers and high ground.

If the game had a concede option, I'd quit as soon as someone picked Sniper. He remind me of old Tinker which was also a hero who had insane advantage defending the base.

I'd still nerf Storm Spirit first though.

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