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Nerf Now!! 2676

Icefrog, the mind behind current Dota, seen to have come to accept the biggest hurdle his game face right now is the human factor and decided to take some steps to alleviate the issue.

Lots of finger pointing and useless arguing which leads to tilted teammates start with who should be using the courier or who should buy wards so instead of waiting people to grow up Icefrog removed the problem at its source. Couriers are now individual with every player having one and wards are free so anyone can buy it so the 9k carry who know better can do finally ward his own jungle.

I still think the whole concept of «carry» and «support» is flawed at its core on the same way I think having healing classes on a FPS is a failed concept but at least now whoever is forced to take the «ward bitch' role can be less miserable doing so.

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