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Freefall 2275

Az Ecosystems Unlimited vegyületbe

Figyelmeztettem volna Florence-t, de meg kell tanulnia a monologizálás veszélyeit.
Már egy perc eltelt. Jobb, ha gondoskodunk a mentésről.
Bár én tényleg arra számítottam, hogy Florence-t kell megmentenem.
Tudtál erről? Csak parancsot teljesítettél? Tudod, milyen közel voltál ahhoz, hogy négyszázötvenmillió embert eltörölj?**

Színezd George Peterson

Now Florence completely ignores the „three laws of robotics”. Either the direct order of the assistant mayor affects, or Sam finally managed to make jailbreak in Flo. :3 (Mityai)
Artificial intelligence in a wolf's body is able to overcome an armed person without unnecessary noise and dust from a sitting pose. In the exoskeleton, she would be completely omnipotent (Robot Spike)
The exo is limited both from its side and from the user's side. The ultimate capabilities of the „Exo - User” complex are limited both in terms of the best and worst indicators of each component: for the best ones - when indicators lend themselves to total summation, for the intermediate ones - when indicators lend themselves to partial summation, and for the worst ones - when indicators fail to sum. But the problem also lies in the fact that the indicators of the complex influence each other, having both positive and negative relationships. The result - in order to fully realize the potential capabilities of the complex, the components must be carefully “fitted” to each other. In the competition of various complexes (what Livadny considers on an example of cyber complexes), not the most achievable parameters of the complex are important, but a set of parameters that can successfully compete with the main enemies-competitors. So both a person in a correctly designed complex and Flo in a correctly designed complex for her will be able to compete quite successfully and approximately on equal terms. Until one of them makes an unexpected move.))(Durable)

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