Style and other tags

Adding the icons below in square brackets changes the style of the text that follows. The other options are implemented by color, size, and font icons in editor's pictobar. For new styles contact the admin in Chat


three simple dots ... are automatically replaced by a “triplet dot” …
(pipe) - by a vertical line |
\" - by a typewritten quotes "
while simple " is replaced by the usual ones for the chosen language “ and ”
-- two hyphens - by a short dash –
--- three hyphens - by a long dash —
---- four hyphens - by a standard hr-underscore
-. - by soft hyphen ­, appearing when necessary
[-.] - the beginning of the block with automatic hyphenation (very blind thing!)
[­/] - end of the last unclosed block
<hr> - hr-underscore (almost analogous to the four hyphens)
<hrr> - absolute underscore <hr style="clear:both" />
<brr> - absolute line break <br style="clear:both" />
(nbsp) - the frequently used non-breaking space around numbers and dashes &nbsp;
(tab) - indent made up of three &nbsp;
[back] - backlink to the index of the current folder
[up] - backlink to the index of the parent folder
['] - accentátion &#769;
[>] - text alignment to the right edge of the block Test
[<] - text alignment to the left edge of the block Test

Reminder Alignments inside tables are formed easier - by two spaces from the need side of cell

Text Setup

[­!0.9] - text size adjustment, in em units, comma is equivalent to dot
[­x0.9] - horizontal distortion; in em, comma = dot
[­y0.9] - vertical distortion; in em, comma = dot
[­=1.1] - adjust the spacing, i.e. line spacing height
[­_100] - empty space, in pixels


To limit [!1.3][­!1.3]style, remember to [!1.3][­!1.3]use the tag[/][­/] closing[/][­/] style
[!1.3][­!1.3]Closing the style at the end of a box, label or table cell
is not necessary - modern browsers forgive this violation


along the axis X [mirx] along the axis X
along the axis Y [miry] along the axis Y

New fonts

Standard Trebuchet MS font in regular size
Anime Ace [aa] Anime Ace in standard size
[aa][­!1.5] [!1.5]Anime Ace 1,5em
AxolOTL Comic [ax][­!1.5] [!1.5]AxolOTL Comic 1,5em
Clawrite [cl][­!1.5] [!1.5]Clawrite 1,5em
Dat Fest Comic [df][­!1.5] [!1.5]Dat Fest Comic 1,5em
dspfetcher [ft][­!1.5] [!1.5]dspfetcher 1,5em
Impact [im][­!1.5] [!1.5]Impact 1,5em
Lisichka Comic [lc][­!1.5] [!1.5]Lisichka Comic 1,5em
KBLuckyCloverCyr [lu][­!1.5] [!1.5]KBLuckyCloverCyr 1,5em
Stripped Clone [sc][­!1.5] [!1.5]Stripped Clone 1,5em
Tengwar Annatar [ta][­!1.5] [!1.5] Tengwar Annatar 1,5em
Font Awesome [fa][­!1.5] [!1.5]Font Awesome 1,5em
Space Cyr [sp][­!1.5] [!1.5]Space Cyr 1,5em
Unicephalon Cyrillic [un][­!1.5] [!1.5]Unicephalon Cyrillic 1,5em

Complex Tags

For Freefall

[flo] Florence Ambrose
[sam] Sam Starfall
[hlx] Helix
[saw] Sawtooth Rivergrinder
[qwe] Qwerty
[dvo] Dvorak
[edge] Edge
[blunt] Blunt
[max] Max Post
[rai] Mister Raibert
[kor] mister Kornada
[mad] Winston Thurmad
[mayor] Mayor
[mhlp] Mayor's helper
[nio] Niomi
[pol] Policemen
[mst], [mst1] Polar base workers
[bow] Dr. Bowman
[com] Polar base Commander
[ish] Mister Ishiguro
[gre] Gregor Thurmad
[vag] Robot Carrier
[oth] Others

For Commander Kitty

[kit] Kitty
[mou] MOUSE
[mtt] Mittens
[nnw] Nin-Wah
[znt] Zenith
[ck-] Others

For the Simba comics

[rel] Dat Fest Comic 1.7em

For pony comics

[tsp] Twilight Sparkle
[rrp] Rarity
[rdp] Rainbow Dash
[fsp] Fluttershy
[ppp] Pinkie Pie
[ajp] Applejack
[sdr] Spike the dragon
[bmp] Big Maсintosh
[mol] Princess Molestia

For Ozy & Millie

[ozy] Ozy
[mil] Millie
[lle] Llevellin the dragon
[otr] Others

Planned replacing of smalls to size 1.2em:[/]

[ozy1] 1.2em Ozy
[mil1] 1.2em Millie
[otr1] 1.2em Others

For Bunny Mischief

[bun] Dat Fest Comic 1.5em

For Ichabod

[ich] Ichabod
[ich-] Others

For Weegie

[wee] Impact 4.5em bold

State Tags

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