Freefall 3551 - 3560
Freefall 3551

Flo and Gregor at the ship

I want to make a good impression
on Mr. Thurmad. I don't want to be a source of friction between Winston and his parents.
You'll be the first alien he meets. His entire opinion of your people is going to be based on you.
Point made. I'll turn it down a bit.
Otherwise, he might
think all sqids are as
awesome as I am.
Freefall 3552

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Everything looks good. Sam, please attach the life support pack after I get in.
Will do.
Radio check. Is hatch EVAH4 secured?
Radio check is good. Doggy door is closed and latched.
It's not
a doggy door!
You're annoyed because my name for the hatch describes it better than its real name does.
Freefall 3553

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Sam, please wait by the … doggie door. This won't take long.
Told you my name was better.
Ms. Ambrose. There is a robot standing by for the transfer.
Understood. Will you please verify the transfer codes are correct and match with ours?
Codes are verified. We are clear to proceed.
Thank you. It's always good to have a second person check on the transfer of a nuclear reactor. You would not believe the fuss when you misplace one of these things.
Freefall 3554

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Ship, are we good to lock out the thrusters and main drive for the next hour?
Affirmative. There is nothing in the local area that will require us to thrust.
Lock out all thrusters and main drive.
Acknowledged. Thrusters and main drive are now locked out.
Those guys sure repeat a lot. On
the other hand, even I know exactly what's going on. I suppose that might be a consideration when dealing with newton's laws and multi-tonne pieces of equipment.
Freefall 3555

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Floor bolts are out. Winching reactor into position.
This is IPT-056. Ready to extend transfer rails.
Reactor in position. I
am clear. Extend transfer rails.
Understood. Rails extending. You are Ms. Ambrose, correct? You were involved in stopping the neural pruning program?
Would you sign my transfer rail?
Florence, don't do it! You'll start a bad trend! I'm the one they should be asking to sign body parts!
Freefall 3556

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Reactor clamps are in place. Removing the winches.
Don't forget to sign my transfer rail.
Florence, I figured out how I can sign his rail too! I get into a survival bag. You pull me out there. I poke a pen through the bag and seal the hole with duct tape afterwards.
Not vacuum rated
We don't use emergency supplies for vanity projects.
Ordinarily, I'd agree with you. But since this is my vanity, I think we should make an exception.
Freefall 3557

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Winches are removed. IPT-056, you may apply thrust and move the reactor out of
our ship.
Understood. Retracting rails and applying thrust. Thank you for the signature.
You're welcome. Safe journeys, IPT-056.
Safe journeys, 1071-CCN.
I did not expect A.i.'s to spend so much time exchanging pleasantries rather than
Well, it's not like communications are difficult and being polite is never a waste of bandwidth.
Freefall 3558

Flo and Gregor at the ship

I'm back in the … doggie door. Latching bar is down and locked. Sam, please open the access hatch.
Ready to meet Mr. Thurmad?
Absolutely. I love meeting new people. I got a lot of support for that back on Jean.
Everyone who knew me wanted me to go to new places and meet new people. Many even offered to pay for my ticket. Humans really are a great bunch.
Freefall 3559

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Mr. Thurmad. I would
like you to meet Sam Starfall.
Good morning, Mr. Starfall. I have heard of you.
Nice! Where did you hear of my fame and glory? Whispered tales told in a bar? Admiration from a fan?
Law enforcement bulletins.
See, Florence? It never hurts to network.
Freefall 3560

Flo and Gregor at the ship

Mr. Starfall. What do your people consider good behavior and how does your society encourage it?
Look out for yourself. Look out for your group. Take advantage of those who aren't in your group. Keep as much as you can without causing your group to attack you.
Oddly human.
Considering that you're alien space monkeys and my people are noble cephalopods, our civilizations show a surprising amount of parallel evolution.
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