Freefall 2441 - 2450 (H)
Freefall 2441

Florence gets out for a walk

You're not attacking, so some remnants of your safeguards must still be in place.
I don't need safeguards to be an ethical person.
You're an artificial intelligence! Your brain was designed by… a nut job! A genius, but a nut job! Any ethics you have can't be trusted!
Ethically, I would never bite the nose of the person who just insulted me.
Most of your ethics can't be trusted!

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2442

Florence gets out for a walk

Look, you're malfunctioning and confused. Let's go back to the store room and we can work this out.
I am not malfunctioning. A little confusion in this situation is normal. What I am not confused about is I am never going to help you or anyone else destroy 450 million unique intelligent individuals!
Your definition of human has shifted. You think you're doing the right thing by protecting Dr. Bowman's robots. That is one subtle Trojan he snuck into you.
Or perhaps he thought we might encounter non-human intelligences one day and it would be bad for relations if robots started slaughtering them.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2443

Florence gets out for a walk

If you are done, I would like to speak to the police, please.
No, no, no! There's no need to bring the police into this!
Stolen property was bad enough when it phoned home. Stolen property that can run from you is even worse.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2444

Florence gets out for a walk

[!1.2]WOLF! STOP!
They always forget that I can climb.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2445

Florence gets out for a walk

I don't know where I am. I don't even know what day it is. I need information.
The best source I know about is the funny robot that brought me here. I can track my scent back and hopefully get a few answers.
Plus, that robot has doggie treats. I'm cold, tired, and a little scared. Doggie treats will go a long way towards making things better.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2446

Florence gets out for a walk

The human male is not with you. Did you eat him?
I don't eat humans. Can you tell me where I am and what day this is?
We are at Ice Station Azkaban. It is Saturday.
Are you the only robot working with Mr. Kornada on this plan to make him rich?
Yes. Mr. Kornada would not allow me to build redundancy into the plan.
Well, that puts a distressingly easy and horrible solution on the table.

Color by George Peterson

The name of base is  – is a combination of two names, a jail from Harry Potter and Zebra Polar Station (KALDYH)

Freefall 2447

Florence gets out for a walk

“Gardener in the Dark” must succeed. If I fail, Mr. Kornada fails and all of humanity suffers.
Please! Contact the police. Contact the civilian authorities. They'll tell you not to do this!
No. Mr. Kornada is the most wonderful human ever. He told me that lesser humans would be jealous and try to stop him.
There's nothing anyone can say or do that will make you reconsider?
My way is clear. My heart is brave and true. I will not deviate from my path.
I have to stop him. This is so unfair. I don't want to hurt this robot. Why do I have to be the bad guy to be good?

Color by George Peterson

Something's not right here. This robot was afraid of her sleeping and is bragging to her now. I'm guessing ambush
P.S. I noticed I love the purple spots on the violet (Robot Spike)

Freefall 2448

Florence gets out for a walk

estimated sound of remote

All four humans who know of this plan approve. You do not approve. That is proof you are malfunctioning. Please shut down immediately.
You are opening my access panel. I contain no user-serviceable parts. Please close my access panel and shut down immediately.
I know robots don't have any natural predators, but they really need to realize quickly when they're being attacked.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2449

Florence gets out for a walk

I could destroy him. I could damage him to the point where he needs new parts to be repaired.
Or I could take his PLC out of Run mode and do some basic disassembly to make it look like he's been damaged.
This is the first time I've ever decapitated someone because I wanted to harm them as little as possible.

Color by George Peterson

PLC -programmable logic controller in industrial equipment. (KALDYH)

Freefall 2450

Florence gets out for a walk

The tops of the boxes are sealed. Hiding the robot's parts by opening the bottom might keep him from looking in here for a while.
Uh, oh! Not Mr. Winter Coat. Friend or foe?
Okay, definitely not a friend.

Color by George Peterson

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