Freefall 1421 - 1430
Freefall 1421

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

AB2Y, why didn't we catch this match to a human brain before?
We did not have this data before and this is not a human brain.
But… then… what kind of brain is it?
Should we tell him?
Let's. For robots without feet, it can take a while for the other shoe to drop.

Хочешь ли ты изменить этот мир,
Сможешь ли ты принять как есть?
Встать и выйти из ряда вон,
Сесть на электрический стул… или трон?

Amee из фильма Red Planet © Warner Brothers pictures (KALDYH)

Freefall 1422

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

What you are looking at is Dr. Bowman's Neural Architecture.
Like you? I don't feel particularly …doggy.
You shouldn't. Dr. Bowman's work wasn't designed specifically for wolves. It was made to be able to modify whatever animal on Pfouts humans felt would best serve their needs.
Think of it as a flexible intelligent bolt on to an existing brain.
With very good cross platform compatibility.

8th Man создан 1963 писателем Kazumasa Hirai и художником Jiro Kuwata. Он стал основой раннего образа японского робота-супергероя

Freefall 1423

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

For you guys… it looks like they built on and threaded through a non-functional neural net.
Makes sense. Bowman's Architecture isn't a complete brain. Still, instead of going straight for communication, senses and motor control, it's pulling a lot of information out of the lower neural net.
These might be getting interpreted as “instinct”.
That would explain my urge to migrate every 5000 km to get an oil change.

Nomad появился в “The Changeling”, 37 эпизоде 2 сезона Star Trek
намёк на миграции животных

Freefall 1424

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Guys! I'm done! I made a hat!
Right. Back to important stuff. Very good. Is it practical?
Very. Gold cloth will act as a Faraday cage. No need to pull out your radio like Qwerty. Just put on a privacy hat.
Let me try.
Hey! Yeah! That should work!
See? This is why you should always try to get a model with a good engineering background.

Filed under “Probably not our best idea.”, H.E.R.B.I.E. replaced the Human Torch for the 1978 Fantastic Four animated series

Freefall 1425

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Okay, we're done here. Tools back in their boxes. Cut cloth into the recycler.
I wish to speak with you after class.
You are uncomfortable in clothes I can see through. Therefore, please keep the gold dress I made.
Thank you.
You are welcome.
It does suit you. A metal skin makes you look more natural.

The Robot Spy из Johnny Quest © 1964

Freefall 1426

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Tell me about Doctor Bowman.
I don't have a lot of information. He's very secretive.
Searching the web… Refining search… Over 10,000 people claiming to be our Doctor Bowman.
False records. You're hitting net chaff.
A modern search engine can easily find a needle in a haystack. If you really want to hide a needle, you bury it in a needle stack.

Jet Jaguar появился в фильме “Godzilla vs. Megalon” © 1973
Где мудрец прячет лист? В лесу. (…) Если леса нет, он его сажает. А если ему нужно спрятать мёртвый лист – он сажает мёртвый лес. – Г. К. Честертон (Tambov)

Freefall 1427

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

What I do know comes from second and third hand sources. People who worked with people who worked with Doctor Bowman.
I'd love to say he is a great human being, but he's been described as rude, arrogant, prone to act without considering the risks, and having a foul temper.
On the plus side, he made sure our brains would have the self control he knew he lacked.
That does not make me happy. But for maximum flexibility… A jerk with a conscience is not a bad starting point.

Andy the Android из телевизионного шоу “Quark” © 1977, Buck Henry

Freefall 1428

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Question. When you were young, were you a good puppy?
I tried to be. I wanted to please my owner more than anything else in the world.
And after your neural pruning? Did you still live to please your owner?
Not as much. I developed my own interests and…
And, boy, do we have a problem!
Millions of robots walking off the job to pursue their own interests? Yes. I would describe that as a problem.

The Tachikoma из аниме “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” © -

Freefall 1429

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Doctor Bowman was behind your release to the public. In his situation, would you have done the same?
No! Bowman's wolves were completely untested.
We were given away as pets. We might have been dangerous and we were given to families with children! I don't know how Doctor Bowman could have taken such a risk.
And yet, it all worked out. A situation we would perceive as unimaginably dangerous, and Doctor Bowman had it all worked out!
Okay, not a good time to destroy hope by suggesting he might be a sociopath.

Muffett is a robot Dagget из сериала Battlestar Galactica © 1978
Поясню идею Боумана. Что будет с человеком, который вырос в семье волков? (БТРкО)
Плохая аналогия. Собак выращивают в семьях людей много веков.

Freefall 1430

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

I'm going to have to talk to Ecosystems Unlimited about this.
Good luck.
Our voice mails and e-mails go unanswered. Robots can not get passes to their building. We've also tried phone calls.
So far, none of us have made it through their automated answering system.
Hello. Please stay on the line. Your call is important to us, but not important enough to actually answer.

Ecosystem Unlimited's automated answering machine message by Wayne Butts
The Iron Giant, озвученный Vin Diesel © 1999, Warner Brothers

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