Freefall 0441 - 0450
Freefall 0441

You ought to be in pictures

Look at all the people. Maybe we'll see a movie star in the lobby.
Not much chance of that.
You're right. Thimble Theater was about cartoons. Popeye and stuff.
Maybe we'll see a cartoon star in the lobby.
A cartoon star in the lobby? Helix, after they made you, I really hope they broke the molds.

Сигар, Элзи Крайслер Художник-юморист, автор комиксов. Пробовал себя в разных профессиях, в том числе работал репортёром. В 1919 начал публиковать “Театр в наперстке” [Thimble Theater] – одноактные пьески в форме комиксов. В 1929 среди персонажей, прославивших автора, появился забавный морячок Popeye (“Пучеглазик”) с неизменной трубкой из кукурузного початка, который превращался в непобедимого силача, съев банку консервированного шпината. Позже Попай перекочевал в мультипликацию и стал “национальным героем”

Freefall 0442

You ought to be in pictures

Come on. We need to vote if the open theater is going to play the movie that we want.
Bite me!
Our two isn't enough. Luckily, I brought along a few of my other identity cards.
Coming Distractions
That is a lot of aliases.
Yeah. You'd think the politicians would be nicer to me, considering I'm a voting block all by myself.
[!1.5]When Rabbit howls

Открытый театр – один из нью-йоркских экспериментальных театров, имеющий много общего с актёрской мастерской [workshop] и студией. Основан в 1963 Дж. Чайкином [Chaikin, Joseph] и П. Фелдманом [Feldman, Peter]. Специализируется на постановках новаторских спектаклей и не имеет стабильного репертуара. Актёры работают без театральных костюмов и грима, сцена имеет минимум декораций. Особое внимание уделяется участию в спектакле зрителей [audience participation]
Игра слов attraction – distraction. Сoming attraction – скоро на экране, готовится к выходу. На афише – профиль Кевина из комикса “Kevin and Kell”
Вообще, в этом комиксе неоднократно попадаются ссылки на комиксы других авторов

Freefall 0443

You ought to be in pictures

There's an Elvis movie playing.
It's good to be the King.
I consider myself to be a pretty good con man and rip off artist.
But when I see the prices a movie theater charges for snacks, it makes me realize just how small time I am.
Freefall 0444

You ought to be in pictures

The cord's tied off. My suit blowers are in reverse. I'm ready to go.
The bungee popcorn bandit strikes again!

Вероятная отсылка к “Миссия невыполнима 2”

Freefall 0445

You ought to be in pictures

Breakfast at Tiffany's
You maniac! Don't you know that leaving the aisles can mean getting caught in the sticky goop on the theater floors and sucked down to a certain death?
Now follow me. I'm putting down a protective layer of popcorn.
This is how the La Brea Tar Pits got started.

Tiffany © 2001 by John Robey from the comic The Suburban Jungle
Jeb © by Erik Sansom from the comic Toy Trunk Railroad
La Brea Tar Pits are a group of tar pits around which Hancock Park was formed in urban Los Angeles

Freefall 0446

You ought to be in pictures

Boss, you're going to get us thrown out.
So? We get our money back and come here another day.
If we're thrown out, we don't get our money back. They keep it.
What!?! They're holding my money hostage to ensure my good behavior? That's despicable! That's underhanded! That's…
Going to work.
Well, yeah. In conflicts between money and my principles, money always wins.
Freefall 0447

You ought to be in pictures

This is a public service announcement. Be on the lookout for this man.
Bruno Bunkleyutz is wanted for crimes ranging from stealing a safety pin from a wolf cub's tail on 8/27/96 to his recent impersonation of Pete Abrams. If found, beat him with a large stick, then report his location to the Rothland guards.
Sigh. Someday I'll be famous enough to have public service announcements warning people about me.
Remember to keep your helmet on when they photograph you. They had to take your picture down in the post office because it gave seeing eye dogs heart attacks.

Из веб-комикса Bruno the Bandit.
Пит Абрамс – автор Sluggy Freelance, одного из старейших веб-комиксов (Sluggy Freelance)

Freefall 0448

You ought to be in pictures

I hope this is a good Japanese monster movie.
21st Century Fox
And by that, I mean really, really, bad!
Yeah! Dialog that doesn't match the lips. Obvious toy tanks and boats. Rubbery monsters crashing around on cardboard sets.
Hard to believe it's all done on a computer.
It really looks fake. Those programmers are geniuses!
Freefall 0449

You ought to be in pictures

Those fools! Mega Mecha Godzillabot Three was never meant to work with Windows! Now it is dangerously unstable and hostile to competition!
Take my Amiga. Our only chance is for you to fly up its nose, past the protective booger bots, and reprogram its brain.
This is so bad it makes my brain hurt. What a great movie!
It's like fine Texas Chili. It burns, but it's a good kind of burn.

Сабрина из комикса Эрика Шварца Сабрина-Онлайн, по совместительству один из маскотов Амиги и, похоже, единственная няшка в этом фильме
Кен Ватанабе из комикса Эйва Вайта The Japanese Beetle

Freefall 0450

You ought to be in pictures

Oh, John Droid!
Oh, Marsha Clone!
Oh, this could be a problem.
Hey, Lady. In the movies, whenever a man and a woman are isolated, they fall in love and live the rest of their lives together.
Does the guy ever give up his hopes and dreams to help the woman achieve hers?
You really are from another planet, aren't you?

Bruno from same named web comic by Chris Baldwin

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