Freefall 2031 - 2040
Freefall 2031

When robot factories go to war

How do we get in?
Give me a second. It's probably a very simple solution. They do know we're coming.
Now, If I were a ten tonne terraforming robot, the answer would be obvious.
You could
have knocked.
Doors are for the weak.

Color by George Peterson

Favorite AIBO of Chuck Norris

Freefall 2032

When robot factories go to war

To enter the mines of Moria, Gandalf spoke “mellon” and the doors opened.
Oh, Hi! I thought I heard somebody talking out here.
Does knowledge of “Lord of the rings” often have real world applications?
No, as far as I know, this is the first time.

Color by George Peterson

A reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Freefall 2033

When robot factories go to war

New input / output board installed.
My displays are green. Let's make some helium.
Bringing up magnetic containment. Interlock conditions are met. Positive indication of tritium flow. Neutral particle beams on line. Plasma coming up to temperature. We have ignition.
Things were so much easier when we could just rub two sticks together.
Someday, this will be seen as the equivalent of rubbing two sticks together.

Color by George Peterson

September 29, 1901  - date of birth Энрико Ферми


Freefall 2034

When robot factories go to war

I need access to the communication records for this site.
No. Outside robots are not authorized to access our records.
Well. Since I can't sit here quietly and shift through records, let's get this neutron monitor installed.
Oh, look. There is another wall in my way. Temporarily.
Except under special circumstances, such as saving the plant from further damage. I'll start transferring the files.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2035

When robot factories go to war

Searching. Abnormality. Many redundant file downloads of a particular entertainment series.
Interesting. They are using this series to establish baseline behavior. This could be why they did not attack the blue factory robots when the opportunity arose.
Still, we will need to get other robots out here, with other points of view. One can not build a society based solely on the teachings of “my little pony”.

Color by George Peterson

If that's the implication that ponies can't stand up for themselves, that's fundamentally wrong. The episodes s2e26 and s4e26 clearly show that they can take a beating.

Freefall 2036

When robot factories go to war

Two red robots rendered non functional in the last 48 hours. One completely destroyed. Memory not recoverable. All personal files deleted. Command logs… not accessible.
These robots have a base sense of right and wrong. Robots can not disobey a properly authorized direct order. However… if one were damaged to where it could not physically carry out the order…
I have a few moments before the reactor comes up. Time enough to grab a non functioning robot and scoot before anyone realizes a rescue took place.

Color by George Peterson


Freefall 2037

When robot factories go to war

No alarms. Like the wind, I'm a subtle typhoon of stealthiness.
Probably helps that the power is still out.

Color by George Peterson


Freefall 2038

When robot factories go to war

The poor robot who broke the input / output board has been completely destroyed. All its personal records, gone.
Nuclear power plants are rule based. Any work done is done with an approved work order. Robots like following the rules.
And here we go. Lesson for future power plant assassins. Make sure your weapon doesn't use self documenting bullets.

Color by George Peterson

Freefall 2039

When robot factories go to war

Command log numbers. Not as good as a name, but it's traceable back to the person who originated the order.
Look. The lights are coming on. We stopped a war and saved two factories tonight.
If that doesn't deserve a kiss, I don't know what does.
'Ey! No bogarting the human! I want my kiss too!

Color by George Peterson

Benny's phrase is from the slang of cannabis smokers. He implies that a joint is supposed to be passed around rather than held in one's possession.

Freefall 2040

When robot factories go to war

It's never wise to judge an experience from just one data point.
Who says engineers can't be romantic?
Still no kiss for me? Is this because I don't have lips?

Color by George Peterson

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