Freefall 3031

Mr. Kornada begins his community service

Officer. If I don't work here, where do I go?
The other judge wants to send you to a plant that makes Chlorine Trifluoride.
Chlorine Trifluoride?
Used for cleaning vapor deposition chambers.
One chlorine atom bound to three fluorine atoms.
Four atoms? Bah. Compared to this place, how difficult can four atoms be?

Color by George Peterson

Chlorine trifluoride – is an extremely powerful oxidising agent, possibly the strongest in nature, which burns with explosion almost all substances, up to and including glass, water, most metals and their oxides, tungsten carbide, etc. When 900 kg of chlorine trifluoride was spilt in an industrial accident, the substance dissolved 30 cm of concrete and a metre of gravel beneath it.

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