Freefall 3010

The wolf at the door

Since you've spent time in space, was anything done to make you more resistant to radiation?
Radiation. The great destroyer of cells once you leave the atmosphere. Yes. My safe yearly limit is five sieverts.
Same here. Spacer genes. Modified Laron syndrome. Basically, I'm a giant dwarf.
Who would have guessed the answer to living in space lay in Ecuador?
Mother nature is a very creative engineer. Too bad her instruction set is so hard to read.

Color by George Peterson

A hundred times less than Florence's is considered the safe limit for normal people. Armored doggy.
Laron syndrome is a genetic trait that leads to dwarfism but gives resistance to cancer. Found in pygmies in equatorial Africa, inhabitants of Israel and a mountain village in South American Ecuador. Natalia Kadyrova's documentary “Tropic of Anti-Raca” on the Russia Today Documentary in Russian YouTube channel: (free version)

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