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Freefall 2850

What to do about Clippy?

I'll talk to the police chief. Please send me your code on a secure channel.
Also, you're working too hard. I want you working less than fifty hours a week.
I can't get everything done in only fifty hours.
Very well. I'm getting you another assistant. I don't want my employees burning themselves out.
Then you need to hire more durable assistants.

Color by George Peterson

He sleeps two hours a night, works weekends, and still works fifty hours a week. They have ten hours in a day? (plBots)
The old Imperial Standard, or rather, what some, mostly “Anglo-Saxon” sci-fi writers of various generations have tried to introduce, to simplify the calculation of time on many planets, a ten-hour day, no matter how long it is  -for a minute remains a minute and a second  -a second. But other approaches were suggested, for example, 24 hours in all fields, or own time everywhere, or nobody cares about time at all, because there are computers and it's their task to coordinate and bring the different “intelligences” into accord with each other. But here, in the ten o'clock version, everything is relatively simple, although some hotheads suggested even a minute and a second “correct”… It turns out that on every planet of the Empire, regardless of the length of the day -a couple of hundred standard minutes or hundreds of thousands - approximately one “time of day” will correspond to approximately the same hour. It's doubtful that this system would work well in non-standard conditions, such as the planet of the three suns from the Black Pitch of the Chronicles of Riddick, but… For the ships adopted a day of ten hours for a hundred standard minutes - 1000 standard minutes in a day, compare with 1440 standard minutes in a standard Earth day. (Durable)

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