Freefall 2824

Pancakes are always a good idea

Mr. Post. Sorry to interrupt. We've been working on a city design. It's going to be the size of San Diego.
Universities. Concert halls. Recreation centers. Light rail. Parks. And lots of housing.
What kind of population are you expecting?
Well, we are going to be in competition with the cities the other robots are building.
We're hoping for a population of three, maybe four hundred humans.

Сан-Диего – по численности населения (в 2005 году 1,3 млн жителей, с пригородами 2,9 млн) второй в штате Калифорния после Лос-Анджелеса и восьмой в США. В Сан-Диего проходит Международный ежегодный фестиваль Comic-Con.

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