Freefall 2705

Raibert writes his report in the park

Z Z Z Z Z Snerk?
Good morning, Mr. Raibert. You fell asleep at the police station.
I made you oatmeal. Considering how many stimulants you've taken, this should help settle your stomach.
Thanks, Chief.
The chief isn't awake yet. This is Eleanor speaking.
You are the walking embodiment of a turing test.

Color by George Peterson

Turing test – a blind test of whether the interlocutor is a human or a machine, carried out on programs and robots claiming to be full-fledged Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays, only highly specialized chatbots sometimes pass the test\It is also clear from this strip that the chief cannot speak himself. In the second shot, in order to hide Eleanor's conventionally female gender, we had to change the wording to genderless(Robot Spike) He called her out of bed with his voice while she was on the phone in the last stripes. It's more like she's just imitating his voice in these situations.

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