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Freefall 2589

Now I really feel contaminated

Doctor Bowman is a chimp.
Pan Troglodytes Sapiens is as valid a human as Homo Sapiens. How long have you been taking care of Doctor Bowman?
My dad and I have been taking care of him ever since Dad got him away from the military. We also fought so he'd get compensation for his work and so he could have as much freedom as possible, given the circumstances.
GIMU! That's why he set it up so A.I.'s see him as human! He's paying a debt!
Debt? No, he's good and we only made that mistake once. You think his impulse control is bad with people? Give him a credit card and access to on line shopping.

Color by George Peterson

“Gimu” (яп. ぎむ 【義務】) – Literally “duty, obligation, commitment”. Mark alludes to the Samurai code of honour? (Mityai)
As a reminder to readers, the credit card allows you to buy on credit (KALDYH)

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