Freefall 2583

Exit procedure

Everyone here is wearing glasses. Is that something I should be doing?
You can put your paws down. And no. You don't trigger the same response as humans do.
Doctor Bowman gets out sometimes. He considers a direct stare a threat and immediately attacks. Keeping our eyes covered gives us time to talk.
Given the chance, Doctor Bowman does seem to try to be reasonable.
Trust me, not having a berserk chimp trying to bite your face off fosters reasonableness on both sides of the conversation.

Color by George Peterson

Well, it doesn't say that the glasses are mirrored, but by logic and pattern they should be. (KALDYH)
It's not the mirror ones. Although, as far as I know, this only applies to gorillas. The male gorilla is provoked by direct eye contact. It's a challenge to fight for pack leadership. The mirror also counts as an outsider. And cameras. :) So mirror glasses are just as bad. Chimpanzees are not affected by this. They're just evil. There will be no prouphs. I'm not a zoologist, but a link to articles for young naturalists and – not solidly :) (Wergil) P.S. And yes, the author is tired of the puns..

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