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Freefall 2382

Max Post talks with the Mayor

We can work this out. Some kind of buy back program. We're talking about people here.
We're talking about code. Hackable, redirectable code. What you're asking is dangerous.
Cooling our bodies to near freezing and crossing light years was dangerous. Coming to build a home on a dead planet with no way back was dangerous. We did it because some things are worth the risk.
We made the choice to put ourselves in danger.
See? Now we're getting somewhere. Let's talk about how we can put this to a vote.

Color by George Peterson

“Almost to freezing” and a “lifeless planet”, presumably.) (Durable)
Let me explain. Freezing -the formation of ice, and ice has a lower density than water. This is the main problem why you can't just freeze a living organism and then thaw it out -the fine and not-so-fine structures are disrupted. Some species on our planet get around this problem in different ways: some have their blood freeze at much lower temperatures, others have ice crystals growth inhibited by special proteins, and still others -remove all water from their freeze-proof form altogether. Lifeless -absence of life, dead -formerly alive.))

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