Freefall 2149

Off to see the Mayor

Did they say what the name of the update program was?
They couldn't. Said the name itself was infectious.
Are you going to try to stop this update?
No. Besides the reasons I've listed, disabling their robotic workforce will cost Ecosystems Unlimited a fortune. I can't believe they'd do that if there were a better choice.
I see. Do you know the contact number for the Army?
Wouldn't do any good. He took the weekend off to go fishing and isn't expected back until Wednesday.

Color by George Peterson

WTF? o_O'' (Mityai)
I knew it was Chuck! (Robot Spike) It's more likely that this warlord – planetary defence technician, I suspect that while the moon is moving, the defences may not react correctly and therefore are disabled (Robot Spike)
The Vatican Army has gone on a binge (с)

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