Freefall 1618

Robot and Artificial Intelligence Development. R.A.I.D.

Computer, clarification. You said “Intruders”. Is there more than one intruder in the building?
Why didn't you tell me?!
[!1.3]Records show it is important to maintain the element of surprise.
You don't have a self destruct I can voice activate, do you?
[!1.3]No, though that is the most requested feature for my next upgrade.

Alan Foreman brought it to my attention that today's Freefall was similar to a comic he did earlier. Remarkably similar. While I did't intentionally copy from him (I came up with the same idea independently), the fact remains he did essentially the same comic and did it before me. The proper course of action in this situation is to deny everything. No, wait. That's not right. Give credit where credit is due? That's it. Alan drew first. Here's the original comic at S.S.D.D.

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