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Freefall 1458


We lost Florence.
Really? I thought our conversation was fairly easy to follow.
Did you just make a dog whistle noise?
Noise? You insult me. That was Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy', as played on a dog whistle.

Another NASA project, Hopbot is the first of the jumping robots, a low-cost mobile robot with a very simple way of moving
Although the frequencies of a dog whistle are inaudible to humans, it can easily be picked up from 1-2 metres away because of the elastic resonance; and in general the smaller the distance between the ears, the higher sounds can be heard (children, for example, have a much wider range than adults, and elephants cannot distinguish between the peeps of mice)  -for the same reason people with compensated hearing in one ear can hear a dog whistle at much greater distances than the above described. (Robot Spike)
Robot, you're not quite right. The upper limit of hearing is determined by the geometry and structure of the inner ear, not the distance between the ears. Or at least provide a link to support your opinion. (KALDYH)

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