Freefall 1416

Robot tailors and robot consciousness

Okay. It's reproducible. Longer neurons mean more connections which leads to randomization. Unless…
Abby, what is the age of the youngest robot at this meeting?
Checking… The youngest robot here is 21 years on line.
And did all the robots here have about 30 to 50 percent of their neural net shut down and become inactive?
YES! Please tell me that's not planned obsolescence and I promise not to break any bones while hugging you!

Tobor the Great © Dudley Pictures Corporation
A similar neural reduction mechanism works in infants (with the exception of autistic individuals, who therefore suffer from “information clogging”). The embryo has a huge number of neurons, almost unconnected by synapses, then their number is reduced, instead they form synapses until the age of 14-25 (rasovariably), the number of which is directly proportional to the quality of intelligence.

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